fiber optics

Feeling blue might lead to faster broadband

In what could amount to a sea change in the way we transmit data over fiber optics, researchers at University College London have found a new way speed things up by changing the color of the transmitt

DIY: Avatar fiber optic jungle

Inspired by Avatar, this crafty fellow created his own version of the Pandora jungle. Made using conductive thread, fiber optic strands, and LEDs, he built a rather impressive looking patch of grass t

Japanese movie theaters to get content via fiber-optics network

<img src="" /> Nippon's biggest telecommunications company <a href="">NTT</a> and legendary film studios <a href="h

HOW TO stay a virgin this Valentine's Day

So you’re in love. You decide not to get “store bought flowers or jewelry” for your lucky lover and instead make a fiber optic rose of the type found in .99 cent stores all up and do

LumiGrams: For the Ladies

because it looks like some madman designed their site. However, the catalog words and the bags cost about $400 on a good day, batteries not included. Catalog [LumiGram]