fiber optics

  • DIY: Avatar fiber optic jungle

    Inspired by Avatar, this crafty fellow created his own version of the Pandora jungle. Made using conductive thread, fiber optic strands, and LEDs, he built a rather impressive looking patch of grass that lights up when you touch it. I’m not sure what the practical usage of this would be, but it’s one of those projects that is just cool to look at. Read More

  • Japanese movie theaters to get content via fiber-optics network

    Nippon’s biggest telecommunications company NTT and legendary film studios Toho [JP] and Kadokawa are jointly paving the way for distributing content (movies, sport events, concerts etc.) to movie theaters all across Japan via fiber-optic networks. Read More

  • HOW TO stay a virgin this Valentine's Day

    So you’re in love. You decide not to get “store bought flowers or jewelry” for your lucky lover and instead make a fiber optic rose of the type found in .99 cent stores all up and down the Eastern Seaboard. This, in fact, is a poor decision and will not get you any play or even a call back. But that doesn’t matter, right guys? Because our objects of affection work in… Read More

  • LumiGrams: For the Ladies

    because it looks like some madman designed their site. However, the catalog words and the bags cost about $400 on a good day, batteries not included. Catalog [LumiGram] Read More