Fetch is building robots for the warehouses of the future

What’s the first thing you buy yourself after announcing a $25 million Series B? A brand new offic

Fetch launches self-service truck rentals to help you move the big stuff

Moving furniture generally sucks. Fetch wants to be there for those moments when you need to transport something that won't fit in the trunk of an Uber XL. The service, which allows users to easily re

Fetch Lets You Buy, Book Or Schedule Anything From Your Apple Watch

A number of startups, including Magic, Operator and GoButler, are focusing on fulfilling customers' commerce-related requests which are sent in via mobile app or SMS requests. But today, rival mobile

Mobile Messaging Conjures A Commerce Platform

America is finally discovering what Asia has known for years: mobile messaging is a commerce platform.

Forget Siri, Fetch Is A Real Personal Assistant, Contained In An App

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.buywithfetch.com/">Fetch</a>, a mobile app that serves as a personal buying assistant by allowing you to submit text or photos then have results returned to you by

Tom Hadfield Is Trying To Make Fetch Happen To Improve Mobile Shopping

Fetch, a mobile app that connects users with personal shopping assistants, launched today onstage at Disrupt New York. Users can simply open Fetch and type what you want, record yourself saying wha

Big Data Collection And Analysis Platform Connotate Acquires Competitor Fetch Technologies

<a href="http://www.connotate.com/">Connotate</a>, which aims to help companies collect data and content from the Web and transform this unstructured data into actionable enterprise intelligence, has

Video: Jerry the Dog's automatic "Let's play fetch!" machine created by lazy humans

http://lads.myspace.com/videos/vplayer.swf I should totally try to rig something like this up for my dog, Dogboy. I’m just really afraid my downstairs neighbors would hate me forever. Just imagi