festivus 2010

  • Festivus Foul-Up: Submit Your Day 5 Entries Now

    It looks like Devin didn’t put in his secret words last night. The other two miracles were PUPPIES and ALL-WEATHER TIRES but please submit what you have and accept our deepest apologies for making you read CrunchGear with untoward intensity. I’ll close up entries today at 6 PM Eastern so you guys can submit on the Best Coast. Here is the entire Festivus 2010 contest. Read More

  • The Last Day Of Festivus Contest: The Miracle

    Today is the final day of our Festivus contest and it’s a doozy. This is a secret word hunt that we’ll run all day. At the end of some of our posts, you’ll find an all caps word written where it has no place being. This is one of the Festivus miracles. Write it down. You will find eight words or short phrases in total. Read More

  • Festivus Contest Day 4: Feats of Strength

    You’ve stuck by us all this time and that $500 prize from Wishpond is one step closer! Judging from the lackluster response so far, clearly people don’t want free money which means there’s a very good chance of winning this thing if you enter. Today’s request is to comment below describing three of your favorite CrunchGear posts from the past year. Simply paste the… Read More

  • Festivus Contest Day 3: The Festivus Dinner

    You’ve completed your Festivus pole and you’ve finished your airing of grievances. Now it’s time for Festivus Dinner. What will we be doing today? Well, this is a bit different. You’re going to tell us your favorite recipe in comments below and, in addition to joining in the Festivus $500 contest you can win a Festivus shirt from 80stees. Read More

  • The Second Day of Festivus Contest: Airing of Grievances

    Today is the second day of Festivus during which we will air our grievances. To recap, your in this to win a $500 gift card from Wishpond, a local shopping search system. Yesterday we learned how to put up our Festivus Pole and today we’re going to whine. Read More

  • Five Days of Festivus Contest: Win $500 To Spend On Presents

    Our friends at Wishpond are offering $500 to the winner of this week’s super contest that you can win just by surfing the Internet. That’s right! Five hundred clams just for doing what you do every day anyway. First, the Wishpond spiel: Wishpond is a platform that powers a local product search engine and iPhone app. As a consumer you can find what you want at both big-box retailers… Read More