Ferrari says ransomware attack exposed customers’ personal data

Italian supercar manufacturer Ferrari said customers’ personal information was compromised in a ransomware attack. 

Casavo, an Opendoor-style proptech from Italy, raises $410M to expand its instant buyer platform across Europe

Opendoor opened the door, so to speak, to the idea of applying technology to the concept of house flipping to both scale the opportunity and make it considerably more efficient. While its share price

The Drako Motors 2,000-hp electric luxury SUV ‘feels more like a spaceship’

Startup EV manufacturer Drako Motors previewed today the follow-up to its $1.25 million Drako GTE: the 2,000-horsepower Drako Dragon Super-SUV. The San Jose, California-based automaker said the Dragon

What’s the ‘secret sauce’ behind Croatian EV maker Rimac?

Rimac Group made headlines after raising a Series D round that valued the Croatian startup at $2.2 billion, prompting the question: How has it succeeded where so many other EV makers have struggled?

Ferrari will produce its first-ever SUV later this year, and launch its first EV in 2025

Ferrari shared details on its plan to launch its first electric vehicle by 2025 as it aims to go carbon neutral by 2030. The battery-electric supercar will set the tone for Ferrari’s future EVs, CEO

Apple challenges Google for a larger slice of your dashboard

Apple said Monday that its next-generation CarPlay system will power the vehicle’s entire instrument cluster, the next move in its battle against Android Automotive OS, Google’s in-vehicle operati

If crypto companies are going to spend this much money, can we at least get an 11th F1 team?

It's time for a bold blockchain company to succeed where so many others have failed: building a new F1 team. Admit it, it's brilliant.

This former Tesla CIO just raised $150 million more to pull car dealers into the 21st century

“I have to choose my words carefully,” says Joe Castelino of Stevens Creek Volkswagen in San Jose, California, when asked about the management software on which most car dealerships rely f

Uber pushes into on-demand public transit with its first SaaS partnership

Uber will manage an on-demand service for Marin County in the San Francisco Bay area with a Software as a Service product as part of the ride-hailing company’s broader strategy to push into publ

TechCrunch’s top 16 picks from Techstars April virtual demo days

Like other accelerators, Techstars, a network of more than 40 corporate and geographically targeted startup bootcamps, has had to bring its marquee demo day events online. Over the last two weeks of A

On-demand shuttle startup Via hits $2.25 billion valuation on latest funding round led by Exor

On-demand shuttle startup Via has hit a $2.25 billion valuation following a Series E funding round led by Exor, the Agnelli family holding company that owns stakes in PartnerRe, Ferrari and Fiat Chry

Ferrari’s first plug-in hybrid is here — and it’s faster than ever

Ferrari has finally cracked open the door for electrification. The Italian supercar manufacturer unveiled the SF90 Stradale, its first plug-in hybrid. Purists might turn their noses up to Stradale&#82

Ferrari is planning an all-electric supercar

Ferrari is going to going to build an EV that will aim to have no peer – including from the likes of Tesla. Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said that its planning to both build its first electri

Hands On With Apple’s CarPlay In The Ferrari FF

Something I will never have is a Ferrari FF, a four-seater supercar that costs more than my life and all my worldly possessions combined are worth. But the car is notable not just for its beautiful ma

How CarPlay Works In A Ferrari FF, And How Apple Will Push New Third-Party Apps To The System

Apple’s CarPlay is barely out in the wild, and only on display at the Geneva Auto Show with select partners including Ferrari. Our friends over at Engadget got to go hands-on with the in-car inf

This Hublot LaFerrari Watch Looks Perfect For Cobra Commander

While I'm not a big fan of ostentatious watches that cost too much and are aimed at buyers with more money than sense (in short, most of the Hublot line) I will give this odd-looking watch a moment of

Ferrari's Video Primer On The 458 Italia's In-Vehicle Systems

Think the MyFord Touch system is daunting? Yeah, as the video above shows, the control system in the newish 458 is a bit more, um, intense with controls for not only the on-dash screens, but also for

Ferrari F150: The First Formula One Car Of The Season Inches Toward Green

<img src="" />The new <a HREF="">Formula One</a> season begins in March, andFerrari is the first

Want to buy that car from Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

<img src="" />Beat City, baby. The famous Ferrari from <i>Ferris Bueller's Day Off</i> is being auctioned off. It's not a real Ferrari, min

Acer Ferrari smartphone coming this March to handle your mid-life crisis

<img src="" /> Is your iPhone or BlackBerry not cutting it anymore because everyone and their mothers have one? Acer hears your cry t
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