Ferrari is planning an all-electric supercar

Ferrari is going to going to build an EV that will aim to have no peer – including from the likes of Tesla. Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said that its planning to both build its first electri

Hands On With Apple’s CarPlay In The Ferrari FF

Something I will never have is a Ferrari FF, a four-seater supercar that costs more than my life and all my worldly possessions combined are worth. But the car is notable not just for its beautiful ma

How CarPlay Works In A Ferrari FF, And How Apple Will Push New Third-Party Apps To The System

Apple’s CarPlay is barely out in the wild, and only on display at the Geneva Auto Show with select partners including Ferrari. Our friends over at Engadget got to go hands-on with the in-car inf

This Hublot LaFerrari Watch Looks Perfect For Cobra Commander

While I'm not a big fan of ostentatious watches that cost too much and are aimed at buyers with more money than sense (in short, most of the Hublot line) I will give this odd-looking watch a moment of

Ferrari's Video Primer On The 458 Italia's In-Vehicle Systems

Think the MyFord Touch system is daunting? Yeah, as the video above shows, the control system in the newish 458 is a bit more, um, intense with controls for not only the on-dash screens, but also for

Ferrari F150: The First Formula One Car Of The Season Inches Toward Green

<img src="" />The new <a HREF="">Formula One</a> season begins in March, andFerrari is the first

Want to buy that car from Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

<img src="" />Beat City, baby. The famous Ferrari from <i>Ferris Bueller's Day Off</i> is being auctioned off. It's not a real Ferrari, min

Acer Ferrari smartphone coming this March to handle your mid-life crisis

<img src="" /> Is your iPhone or BlackBerry not cutting it anymore because everyone and their mothers have one? Acer hears your cry t

Acer intros a 22-inch Ferrari themed LCD monitor at the same time Enzo rolls over

Acer has a little thing for Ferrari-branded PC items and its latest product should look great on poser’s desks everywhere. The 22-inch F-22Bid LCD monitor rocks a 22,000:1 contrast ratio with a

Ferrari's state-of-the-art racecar simulator to be built by Moog

So Ferrari wants a “next-generation” super-accurate racing sim made to train its drivers the way military pilots are trained. No so surprising; certainly already in practice, in fact. But

Ferrari Phone from Motorola: It's red!

Usually when Ferrari sells out its name on a non-car related piece of hardware, it’s total crap. Not so with the new Limited Edition Ferrari Z8 slider from Motorola. While I still don’t se

Segway dresses up as a Ferrari for Halloween

Ferrari is really starting to cause me agony. It’s one of my favorite supercar brands, but they’re ruining it by putting that horse on everything. Here it is on a Segway scooter. Yes, one

Motorola And Ferrari Announce Lengthy Phone Name, Actual Phone

Motorola, you are just on your game this week dude! You’ve been leaking stuff like wild and now you’re releasing a new phone with Ferrari? What’s the scoop, brahhhh? Turns out Motoro

Ferrari Does That GPS Thang

Here’s something you can add to your 1996 Honda Civic with the fat exhaust: The Ferrari Traffic Assist Pro from Becker. For $900 USD, you get a sexy little GPS navigation unit with the Ferrari logo