• Ferrari's state-of-the-art racecar simulator to be built by Moog

    So Ferrari wants a “next-generation” super-accurate racing sim made to train its drivers the way military pilots are trained. No so surprising; certainly already in practice, in fact. But that’s where the normality ends. As if it weren’t weird enough already that Ferrari is outsourcing an American company to do this for them, and that American company is Moog, it puts… Read More

  • Ferrari Phone from Motorola: It's red!

    Usually when Ferrari sells out its name on a non-car related piece of hardware, it’s total crap. Not so with the new Limited Edition Ferrari Z8 slider from Motorola. While I still don’t see what the appeal of the Ferrari brand is (it appears to be for guys who wear Aqua Velva and shop via Skymall), there are those who love it. And those dorks shouldn’t feel bad about this… Read More

  • Segway dresses up as a Ferrari for Halloween

    Ferrari is really starting to cause me agony. It’s one of my favorite supercar brands, but they’re ruining it by putting that horse on everything. Here it is on a Segway scooter. Yes, one of those Segway scooters. It’s not much different than an ordinary Segway, other than it’s Ferrari-red and has the Scuderia logo. Oh, and the handlebars are wrapped in leather. Lux! Is… Read More

  • Motorola And Ferrari Announce Lengthy Phone Name, Actual Phone

    Motorola, you are just on your game this week dude! You’ve been leaking stuff like wild and now you’re releasing a new phone with Ferrari? What’s the scoop, brahhhh? Turns out Motorola today unveiled its new RAZRmaxx V6 Ferrari Challenge Mobile Phone Limited Edition. Not only does it come with the longest model name for a cellphone ever, but it packs sounds from the Ferrari… Read More

  • Ferrari Does That GPS Thang

    Here’s something you can add to your 1996 Honda Civic with the fat exhaust: The Ferrari Traffic Assist Pro from Becker. For $900 USD, you get a sexy little GPS navigation unit with the Ferrari logo sans horse. It can receive TMC info, keeps a list of speed radars and packs a 400MHz CPU, 4.5 hours of battery life, 4-inch touch-screen with 65k colors, and 64MB of internal memory. You even… Read More