• What we talk about when we talk about WWDC

    Every year it’s the same thing. WORST.KEYNOTE.EVAR! WHERE IS ITABLET! STEVE SHOULD BUY ME A PONY! PC World wrote a laundry list of things that they wanted to see but didn’t get to see at WWDC and, like a 16-year-old whose boyfriend is supposed to hug her and kiss her and stay with her at the mall all weekend and respond to all of her texts immediately if not sooner, they get… Read More

  • What we think about embargoes

    PR People – This is for you. We honor embargoes unless there is a leak and then we will post the news. We won’t sign NDAs on principle but will if it makes your client a little happier. We respect TechCrunch’s position and still stand by this statement but we realize the limitations placed upon you by your benighted clients. Thank you and good afternoon. Read More

  • Video Review: SuperSmoker Blue

    The SuperSmoker is an atomizer that sends the taste and nicotine of a four cigarettes into your gullet without flame, smoke, or even any of the nasty chemicals usually found in cigs. As a non-smoker, this thing was a bust but if you’re a jonesing flier, this thing is amazing. Each filter tip contains about four cigarettes worth of puffs and each box contains 24 tips. To use it you charge… Read More

  • Mac are expensive if you shop like a moron

    I’m starting to suspect that the doofus-filled commercials are designed to confuse and confound Macintards into frothing wildly like Neil Cavuto on Fox News. A fake tax return, posted on the Windows Team Blog describes the total cost of ownership, after purchasing arbitrary upgrades willy-nilly and assuming you own two Microsoft Office licenses for PC anyway, is $3,367 over the price of… Read More

  • Suburbs suffering, no broadband in sight

    In the vast hinterlands known as the American suburbs a great evil has awoken. While those in the cities lie quiet in slumber, FiOS pumping out Usenet data at alarming rates, the poor victims lying quietly in their McMansions are still using cable modems. Read More

  • Why Vista beats OSX according to some guy

    Hey, Preston Gralla fans! His latest missive has just hit the webwaves and he’s mad as hell and shan’t take it anymore. His thesis? Vista beats OS X. Let’s go through his suppositions and take umbrage with his arguments. Reason #1: Vista runs more software Mac OS X is a very pretty operating system, but beauty runs only skin deep. An operating system by itself is a poor… Read More