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Why Robinhood and Coinbase gained ground after reporting earnings

Shares of Coinbase and Robinhood up? In this economy? Yes.

Fed’s Powell calls for DeFi regulation following ‘significant structural issues’

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell ramped up his criticism of decentralized finance on Tuesday, saying the monetary policy normalization worldwide has “revealed significant structural issues&#82

Volcker Rule reforms expand options for raising VC funds

One the more nuanced changes is that the reform could help smaller funds in cities outside of major hubs like San Francisco and New York raise capital.

The Federal Reserve announces plans for a real-time payments system that will be available to all banks

The Federal Reserve Bank announced today that it is developing a new service called FedNow that will allow all banks in the United States to offer 24/7 real-time payment services every day of the week

Peter Kraus dishes on the market

During my recent conversation with Peter Kraus, which was supposed to be focused on Aperture and its launch of the Aperture New World Opportunities Fund, I couldn’t help veering off into tangents ab

Another day, another reversal in the stock market

Signs that the Federal Reserve could hold off on further interest rate hikes coupled with a booming jobs report sent stocks on Wall Street surging to close a volatile first trading week for the New Ye

Janet Yellen eats the world

In a world economy with slow growth and increased uncertainty, policymakers have had two sources for hope -- the tech industry and low interest rates. Could it be these goals are at odds?

Smartphones are the latest invisible ally of the Fed

Throughout my business career of some 60 years, I have always been fascinated by change -- the dynamics of change and how businesses, governments and people respond to change. Or fail to respond. Thro