• Video Review: Eventide ModFactor and TimeFactor

    The TimeFactor and the ModFactor are two stompboxes from Eventide that I got a chance to try over the past few weeks. I love audio gear – I’m not good at using it in practice, but it’s nice to know it’s out there – so these were are kinds of fun. Read More

  • Combining Clouds: Appirio's ReferMyFriends App Deftly Links Facebook To Salesforce

    When we talk about cloud computing, we often talk about a monolithic cloud in the sky. But in fact there are many clouds. There is the Salesforce cloud, the Google cloud, the Amazon cloud, the Microsoft cloud, the Facebook cloud, and so on. For the most part, businesses still need to pick a cloud and stick with it. But that is changing as new applications are developed to combine clouds… Read More

  • Sync Your Gmail Contacts, Calendar With iPhone & Windows Mobile

    Last August, I upgraded from a simple flip phone to a HTC Touch. Immediately I began looking for a way to avoid manually entering my Gmail contacts into the phone. After several hours of fruitless searching, I stumbled on NuevaSync–a free service that sync’d both my Gmail contacts and my Google Calendar.  Thankfully, they also support Google Apps accounts. When I got an iPod Touch… Read More

  • What would life after Microsoft look like? Think LEGO.

    It’s not like Microsoft is going to be disappearing any time soon, especially with the success of the Windows 7 beta, but its death grip on the PC industry is being eroded on multiple fronts and it’s a good exercise to imagine what it might be like if MS were to take the French leave. It’s important to note that the question of what happens after Microsoft doesn’t need… Read More

  • Test Drive: 2009 Lincoln MKS AWD

    This ain’t your daddy’s Lincoln Town Car. In fact, it’s completely different than anything you’ve ever seen before. With balls to the wall power and a teeth shattering sound system, the MKS from Lincoln is a whole other beast. And I like it. Like our other Test Drive features, I won’t get into the gearheadesque details of reviewing a car, but, rather, focus on… Read More

  • Exactly what would a Presidential mobile look like?

    Apropos of the ongoing ruckus about President-elect Obama’s BlackBerry — the so-called “BarackBerry” — an interesting question is coming to the fore: why is the President, or even a prominent Senator for that matter, using a civilian mobile phone? With matters of national security, policy, and locations of our most powerful citizens being beamed through the air… Read More

  • Live from the Monster Cable CES Press Event

    Monster Cable: hate ’em or love ’em, they are a driving force in the CE world. Their 2009 lineup, at least according to its wares spread out in front, doesn’t look to innovate. A few headphones we’ve already seen and reviewed, a couple of new power centers, and HP branded HDMI cables that are sure to carry a high MSRP. Hopefully the head monster, Noel Lee, will have… Read More

  • CES 2009 Prep: The Things We'll Carry

    CES can be a lot of fun, but it’s a whole friggin’ lot of work, too. Meetings, press announcements, booth tours, darting back and forth from hall to hall, show floor to hotel, and a whole lot of trekking around the show floor in search of diamonds in the rough. Media attendees probably walk more in the four days of CES than most people walk in a month – all while wearing… Read More

  • Mobile PC User Study Targets Suggestions at Manufacturers, Relevant for IT Buyers

    ReinventMobile recently released a study of user preferences regarding their mobile PC. The study analyzed close to 4,000 conversations about mobile PC’s across the web to extract user likes and dislikes about current mobile PC’s. Most of the findings (below) are mere statistical validation for common sense. Things like wishing they could revert from Vista to XP, faster… Read More

  • Live: Phil Schiller's MacWorld 2009 keynote

    Welcome to our live coverage of Phil Schiller’s MacWorld 2009 keynote. We are hoping and praying that the server holds out so we’re no trying any special tricks this time – just good old fashioned blog posting. To see updates, please hit F5 to refresh. Read More

  • The Realtime Ping Server

    There’s going to be a moment in the near future where FriendFeed needs to deliver realtime search over IM. In a response to Robert Scoble yesterday, Paul Buchheit indicated track or something like it would be high on the list of things to commit to in the next round of improvements to the system. After a series of realtime services and API extensions late last year, FriendFeed has slowed… Read More

  • iPhone 3G unlocking software updated; should work now (hopefully)

    Yellowsn0w, the illustrious iPhone 3G unlocking software, dropped with the Time Square Ball yesterday, but the first beta edition didn’t work for many. Hopefully the updated 0.9.4 beta from the iPhone Dev Team should resolve those issues and allow all those Jesusphone 3Gs to be released from their AT&T shackles. So if our step-by-step guide left you frustrated and furious, give… Read More

  • 30GB Zunes all over the world fail en masse

    It seems that a random bug is affecting a bunch, if not all, 30GB Zunes. Real early this morning, a bunch of Zune 30s just stopped working. No official word from Redmond on this one yet but we might have a gadget Y2K going on here. Read More

  • So… what did you get?

    I got a Rebel XSi ( a few weeks ago, but it counted for Christmas), a watch-winder, and was woken up by my two-week old (another present) crying and a kick in the guts from my three-year old. What did you guys get? Read More

  • Christmas Memory ™: D&D by myself

    I was a bad nerd. I wanted to do all the nerd things – program, play D&D, read fantasy – but I was no good at BASIC, didn’t have any friends, and for some reason I could never get into hardcore fantasy sci-fi novels. Every Christmas we’d go to my grandmother’s house in Martins Ferry, Ohio, a little town outside of Wheeling, West Virginia and every… Read More

  • How to write a Mike Arrington blog post

    As we “work” our way through the holiday (or winter break as the school system calls it) we are once again reminded of Mike Arrington’s skill at dominating the trainwreck formerly known as The Conversation. I’ve watched Mike at close range for some number of years now, and it never ceases to amaze me how he does this. For example, several weeks ago we did a Gillmor… Read More

  • Contest: CrunchGear Loyalty Rewards Program

    We’ve been around for a few years now and we know that a lot of you have been following us since the beginning so we wanted to reward those folks. Think of it as our version of Best Buy’s Reward Zone program. Otherwise known as the CrunchGear Loyalty Rewards Program. TeleNav has always been supportive of us and so we’ve teamed up to give away a years worth of free service… Read More

  • Contest: We need a new tagline and we have three Western Digital WD TV HD Media Players up for grabs

    We’re in the holiday spirit at CrunchGear and we just wanted to share our love for you, dear reader, this holiday season. We know it’s a couple days before Christmas (if you’re into that sort of thing), but that shouldn’t deter you from wanting to win such a kickass prize, right? We won’t make you do anything too crazy to win this fantastic little gadget from… Read More

  • The most kickass gadgets of 2008, according to me

    It’s been an exciting year filled with a cornucopia of gadgets having passed through the CrunchGear offices. Most I’ve loathed and a few I’ve adored, but only a handful of things end up finding their way into my gear bag. Here’s my brief list in no particular order. Read More

  • Devin's pipin' hot holiday best-of list

    It’s that time again for our annual personal gadget recommendations. I’ve gotten my hands on a ton of stuff this year, but I don’t feel safe recommending anything other than my real go-to gadgets over the last however many months. Read on to see what’s been a staple in my stable. Read More

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