• Going It Alone: How to Make Your Stuff In China

    Adam Hocherman, 34, is an entrepreneur and founder of the consumer electronics company American Innovative in Boston, MA. Adam founded the company in 2003 with the help of the US Government’s SBA loan program and is currently the 100% owner. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA, both from Cornell University. Adam’s writings can be found on his blog at… Read More

  • Essential Gear for the Outdoor Photographer

    Now that winter is drawing to a close in most of the country (it’s still snowing here in the Sierra Nevadas), it’s time to think about getting out and taking more pictures. As a photography enthusiast, I know there’s a few things that I consider critical whenever I’m out shooting, things are I don’t leave home without. Read More

  • E-book readers: will secondary features win consumers' hearts or leave them cold?

    How many e-book readers do you think are out there right now for you to choose from? If you did a little digging, I bet you’d find 50 or so. Maybe 10 really worth checking out. But right now is a bit of a weird period in e-reader history. The Kindle cemented e-readers in the consumer headspace, catapulting them from weirdo alternative technology to mainstream gadget. That’s what… Read More

  • Tech Tour: Cambridge Innovation Center

    Located at the MIT-owned One Broadway Street building in Kendall Square, Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) houses more than 175 companies in over 100,000 square feet of office space and prices everything per person, so smaller companies can add more space as they grow. There are no long-term leases, either–it’s all month to month. I had a chance to take a tour with Cambridge… Read More

  • Spigit Brings Enterprise Collaboration Tool To SMB’s

    As companies mature from fledgling startups into small and medium-sized businesses, it becomes harder to capture and analyze ideas coming from within an organization. Email and spreadsheets are the usual tools used to deal with internal collaboration, but these modes have no way of bringing the best ideas to the top: many times they are lost in the shuffle. Spigit, creators of an… Read More

  • Contest: Win a Nikon D3000

    Looking for a DSLR this holiday season, but the budget is a bit tight? Let CrunchGear and Photojojo help you out. Photojojo is running a giveaway for a Nikon D3000, and they’ve invited you, our very special friends, to join in on the contest. Find out how to win after the jump. Read More

  • Review: Samson StudioDock 3i

    Samson StudioDock 3i: A great set of computer speakers with a built in iPod dock and USB sound card. They sound great, no matter if you’re listening to music or just playing games. My only complaint about them would be the price, but frankly, they’re worth it. Read More

  • The Gadget Love of a Guitar God

    Most gadget do-it-yourselfers have stories of an idea that didn’t quite work out. Maybe the prototype never functioned properly. Or maybe a competitor introduced a similar piece of gear into the marketplace first. But how many gadget geeks can say that they were stymied by a cult, a laser, and legislative changes? Of course, rock guitar legend Ace Frehley is no ordinary gadget guy. Read More

  • Konami GamesCom 2009 press conference

    The most interesting announcement from Konami at GamesCom 2009 is Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for the PSP. The release date of the game is set to 2010. In MSG:PW you will be accompanied by a comrade. This way you can control two characters at the same time, one supporting the other. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Pro Evolution Soccer, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Krazy Kart Racing. Check… Read More

  • Geek Weekend: Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN

    Wikimedia We’ve been getting requests from various citizens to feature their respective cities in our new Geek Weekend feature here on CrunchGear, so when a request came in for the Twin Cities, John asked me to write it up and I thought, “Oh, great. More work.” “Perfect! I grew up there! I know where geeky stuff is located!” Read More

  • Nikon announces two new lenses, 70-200mm and DX 18-200mm

    When Nikon let us know about the two new cameras today, they also mentioned two new lenses. Follow in the tradition of the recently 35mm, instead of creating something new, they are improving on existing lens technology to further bridge the gap between the old school film shooter and digital photogs. Read More

  • Review: Acer easyStore H340

    Windows Home Servers are dropping in price and the Acer easyStore H340 is leading the charge; I like that. This server doesn’t offer a lot of extras like the HP MediaSmart line, but it’s amazingly low price outweighs everything else. Read More

  • Review: LEGO Battles for the Nintendo DS

    I don’t get a bonerd for LEGOs like some people I know whose names start with a J and end with an S and work for a site that rhymes with shmimono, but I have fond memories of spending countless hours as a youth erecting LEGO fortresses and castles and whatever else my imagination could conjure up. It was always about smashing the other fortress and kicking some tiny LEGO ass, but that was… Read More

  • E3 2009: Splinter Cell: Conviction trailer, shooting grenades in mid-air edition

    This, if you haven’t already seen it on G4 or whatever, is the début trailer of Splinter Cell: Conviction. Sam has gone rogue! Read More

  • Video: Sports tech at the Boston Golf Expo

    I spent an afternoon at the Boston Golf Expo this weekend and found a few interesting technology-enhanced products and services for your perusal. Please enjoy with my compliments. Read More

  • “The Cloud Is The New Dotcom” (Video Highlights)

    On Friday, during our cloud computing event, Whose Cloud Is It Anyway?, Charles River Ventures partner George Zachary noted, “The cloud is the new dotcom.” He was one of the judges for the demo startups, and for good or for bad, he might be right. Cloud computing as a term is broad enough to encompass most internet startups and already is in danger of being latched onto as the… Read More

  • Appcelerator Releases New Preview Of Open Source Developer Platform Titanium

    This morning, Mountain View-based startup Appcelerator is taking the wraps off its second Preview Release for Titanium, an open-source developer platform meant to compete with Adobe AIR and the likes for building rich internet, mobile and desktop applications. Titanium PR2 comes with a number of new features that are worth taking a look at, like an extensible Module API and built-in support… Read More

  • Interview: Sir Richard Branson

    It’s not every day we get a chance to sit down with one of the world’s richest and most industrious men. Actually, Sir Richard is only the 236th richest person in the world according to Forbes. I thought he’d be higher. *shrug* Anyway, we had the esteemed pleasure of taking Sir Richard’s IM interview virginity last week as he was jetting back to his private island… Read More

  • Six awesome ASCII games you need to play

    I’ve always admired ASCII graphics, mainly due to my predilection towards retro gaming and large pixels in general. Just as a game like Portal twists your ideas of space and makes you think differently, games with sufficiently poor visuals stretch your imagination and make you adopt a new headspace entirely. In fact, many games these days in the independent scene deliberately minimize… Read More