Facebook Trades North Of $60 For The First Time

In after-hours trading today, investors rewarded Facebook with a rising share price after it reported stronger than expected revenue. The company reported that it earned $0.31 per share, and had reve

Facebook’s Plot To Conquer Mobile: Shatter Itself Into Pieces

Swiss Army knives don't cut it on mobile. Packing in too many features creates apps that seem bloated and slow. Perhaps more than any company, Facebook has struggled to adapt its busy website to the s

Facebook Beats In Q4 With Revenue Of $2.59B, EPS Of $0.31

Today Facebook reported its fourth quarter financial performance, including revenue of $2.59 billion and earnings per share of $0.31. Analysts had expected the company to earn $0.27 on revenue of $2

Facebook Officially A Mobile Ad Firm With 53% Of Ad Revenue Now Coming From Its 945M Mobile Users

Facebook hit a major milestone with today's Q4 2013 earnings as it crossed the halfway point and now earns 53% of ad revenue from mobile, or $1.37 billion of its $2.59 billion in revenue this quarter.

Trouble With Teens Could Trip Up Today’s Facebook Earnings

When Facebook mentioned "a decrease in daily users specifically among younger teens" in last quarter's earnings call, its share price fell from $57.98 in after-hours to open the next day at $47.16, el