Q4 Showed Facebook Will Survive Mobile Because It’s An Ads Scalpel, Not A Shotgun

On the web, there's plenty of room to throw a scattershot of ads at people and hope one resonates. On mobile where there's reduced real-estate, you have to make every pixel count by targeting ads with

Facebook Killed Off 37% Of Spammers Since June 2012

If you've ever gotten a fake friend request, you know Facebook has spammers. But it's winning the fight against them. Facebook's estimate of the total percentage of monthly users that are "undesirable

Surprisingly, Facebook’s News Feed Ads Aren’t Scaring Away Users

Facebook risked driving users away by showing more ads in the news feed last year, but to Mark Zuckerberg's surprise, a big increase in their presence during 2012 only reduced Likes and comments by 2%

Facebook’s Revenue Per User In North America Is Now 3-4X Europe and Nearly 6X Asia (But User Growth In Its Cash Cow Is Slowing Down)

Facebook's user base is growing much faster outside of the U.S. than it is in its home market, but it has a little problem: those users are continuing to generate far less revenue than U.S. consumers

Facebook’s Mobile App Ads See Early Traction With 20% Of iOS’ 100 Top Grossing Devs Using Them

About one-fifth of iOS’ top grossing developers are testing out Facebook app install ads, showing some early traction for the new product. Sheryl Sandberg, the company’s COO, mentioned thi

Facebook Offers Have Been Claimed By 42M Users

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg highlighted the growth that Facebook Offers has seen since it launched last year — she said that offers have been claimed by 42 million unique users. Sandberg's state

Slow To Rev Up, Gifts and User Promoted Posts Generated Under $5M In Facebook Q4 Revenue

As Facebook looks for new ways to make money, it disclosed during its Q4 2012 earnings call today that its Gifts product and promoted user posts functionality accounted for less than $5 million of Fac

Facebook Will Grow Headcount Quickly In 2013 To Develop Money-Making Products, Total Expenses Will Jump By 50 Percent

On Facebook's earnings call today, CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a strong statement about the company's further investment in product development, especially those products that are making money for the co

Facebook’s Q4 Payments Revenue, Including Less Than $5M In Gifts, Was Flat At $256M After $66M Revenue Charge

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.facebook.com">Facebook</a> has been making some efforts to grow new business areas beyond advertising in areas like Gifts and Facebook Credits in apps, but so far t

Facebook’s Mobile Ads Grow To More Than $300M — 23 Percent Of Total Ad Revenue

As part of today's <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2013/01/30/facebooks-q4-revenue-rises-40-to-1-59b-shares-decline-7-percent-in-after-hours/">fourth-quarter earnings report</a>, Facebook announced th

For The First Time, Facebook’s 680M Mobile MAUs Surpassed Desktop DAUs — Zuck Says It’s Now A “Mobile Company”

Today is Q4 earnings day for Facebook, and we’ve learned some really interesting things about the growth of the social network. Surprisingly to some, mobile DAUs have exceeded those on the web,