• Twitter Comes Alive With Realtime Activity Streams

    Twitter Comes Alive With Realtime Activity Streams

    Since its inception, content on Twitter has largely been displayed in the same basic manner. That is a linear, reverse┬áchronological stream of Tweets. Two new sections being added to the service are about to change that. Specifically, the “@Mentions” tab on twitter.com is being replaced by two new tabs: “@USERNAME” and “Activity”. These two streams will add… Read More

  • Favstar.fm Makes The Twitter "Favorite" Less Of An Unwanted Step-Child

    The “Favorite” is kind of like the unwanted step child feature of Twitter. Though it has been around since the early days of the service, they have never really done anything to promote its use. One would assume you’re supposed to use it to start your favorite tweets, but I don’t use it like that, because what’s the point? Instead, I mostly use it to bookmark… Read More