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TechCrunch’s Favorite Things of 2022

We made it! Another year (nearly!) complete. Go team! The end of the year means many things — holidays, food, family, reflection, etc. Around these parts, it also means it’s time for the TechC

Gift Guide: TechCrunch’s Favorite Things of 2021

We made it, friends. Another year in the books. Was it the very normal year we all wanted? No. But, for many, it was at least a step in that direction. Or maybe two steps in that direction, and one st

Gift Guide: TechCrunch’s Favorite Things of 2020

It goes without saying, but 2020 was a bad year for a lot of people. For many, it was a year of stress, sadness and anxiety. It was a year of missing friends and family; of just getting to the next da

TechCrunch’s Favorite Things of 2019

Each year the TechCrunch staff gathers together to make a big ol’ list of our Favorite Things from that year. As always, we’re keeping the definition of “thing” very… ope

TechCrunch’s Favorite Things of 2018

As we do each year, the TechCrunch Staff — our writers, our illustrators, our editors and more — have gathered together and come up with a mega list of our favorite things of 2018.