fathers day

  • What fathers do

    What fathers do

    Some fathers do these things. Some fathers go to the Columbus Public Library used book sale in about 1980 and buy five big boxes of books on every topic. They place those books in a playroom and they result in a consistently relevant personal library for his kids. Every year they learn something new out of that room. Some fathers take their sons and daughters to Computer Express, a small… Read More

  • Thanks, Dads

    Thanks, Dads

    My father put together a Heathkit shortwave radio in his youth. The radio is still there in my childhood home. He’s still alive so this isn’t saccharine reminisces of a man who passed. Dad still sits in that room with the radio, the radio still works, his hands pound away at the Internet all day now, the radio forgotten but still as vital as the day he built it. My Dad is a little… Read More

  • T-Mo: Every phone is free on June 19

    In honor of dear old Dad, T-Mobile is offering every phone free-as-in-beer at their stores. Considering that iDay is only a week or so away, I’d worry about uptake on this offer but if your Dad is one of those weird types who doesn’t let you watch TV or use the Internet and instead is training you how to make chainsaw sculptures in your dusty back yard, scaring a set of mangy dogs… Read More

  • My Father's Day Gift Picks for 2009

    Every day should be Father’s Day, right? We should celebrate every single day all the wonderful things our dads did for us, like fixing our bikes, helping us buy our first car, and not kicking us out of the house when we got our girlfriend pregnant. But since we don’t say “Thanks, Dad!” every single day, we’ll use this Sunday to get him some gifts that… Read More

  • The blue collar Father's Day gift guide

    John Biggs ran his Father’s Day gift guide yesterday, but each one of his items cost well over a hundred dollars. I don’t have that kind of cash and to be honest, my Dad wouldn’t use any of those gadgets anyway. So here’s a Father’s Day gift guide for the working dad with items everyone can afford. Let’s get to it. Read More

  • What are you getting the old man for Father's Day?

    I’ve been giving this a lot of thought in the last few weeks and I’m not sure what to get my dad. The parentals don’t need a TV because they just got a 52-inch Samsung plasma, so that one is out the door. Although, he might want something for the office. This 32-inch Westinghouse 720p, W3223, set isn’t too shabby and for $699 that’s not a bad deal. Heck, I might… Read More

  • I find this Fathers Day commercial to be ‘very funny’

    This commercial apparently came out around this time last year, but I just saw it for the first time this morning. I wouldn’t mind watching this every year around this time. Apologies if you’ve seen it before, but it’s quite hilarious – the last second, especially. Read More