ThinkGeek Now Selling The FastMac U-Socket, The USB Wallplug

Most gadgets charge off USB nowadays so it only makes sense to have a wall outlet with a couple of outlets. ThinkGeek has you covered with the FastMac U-Socket USB Wallplug.  The standard 110 volt

FastMac's Slimline external Blu-ray drives now available

<img src="" alt="" class="center" />Last month at Macworld, FastMac showed me their <a href="

Fastmac quietly releases a Mac-specific external Blu-ray drive

<img src="" alt="" />I just got back from MacWorld and stopped by the Fastmac booth on the way out to see what was shakin and came acro

Review: Fastmac TruePower U-Charge universal charger

If you have multiple batteries for your (post-1997) Apple laptop and prefer not to tote around multiple power adapters then Fastmac may have a solution for you. The U-Charge is a lightweight, cost eff

Combination iPhone battery pack and flash from FastMac

Here’s my problem with this (admittedly perfectly good) product: if you need more battery time, you don’t need ten more hours of it. Usually you need maybe two more hours of it so you can

Fastmac announces first universal Mac battery charger, TruePower U-Charge

Back at Macworld in January, my MacBook died in the middle of the keynote and it sucked really bad since I was in charge of pictures. If I were in possession of an extra battery we would have been fin

Rumor: Blu-ray drives coming to Macs

Let’s put this to rest once and for all. Apple will not have Blu-ray drives anytime in the future. Why? Because physical media is dead or will be very soon. Think about it for a minute. Steve Jo

Extended life battery for 17-inch MBP on the way

Battery on your 17-inch MBP not what it used to be? Perhaps you’re just looking for a backup? Fastmac, purveyors of fine third-party Apple ware, have announced an extended life battery upgrade f

Thanks, FastMac

I want to thank FastMac for hooking me up with an extra MacBook battery to use today since my other one crapped out during the keynote. This one is actually calibrated and I know my MB won’t go

FastMac Releases Blu-ray on the Cheap

FastMac really likes Blu-ray and the newest drive was announced today for the Mac Pro and PowerMac G5 platforms. The 5.25-inch, tray loading optical drive has been tested and certified compatible with

FastMac Releases Blu-Ray Drive For Macs

Frankly, I’m sick of the format wars and all the hoopla going around, but FastMac has released the first and only Blu-Ray drive for Macs and that puts a smile on my face. Does this mean that Blu-Ray

FastMac TruePower 65-Watt Power Adapter Gets Run Over By A Car And Still Works!

FastMac has announced a nearly indestructible power adapter for Apple PowerBook G4 and iBook owners. The TruePower 65-watt AC adapter provides constant wattage that equals or exceeds other Apple brand

FastMac Releases Bluetooth Upgrade For Mac Pro Users

The crew from FastMac continues to churn out great products for Mac users. They’re following up the launch of their extended life batteries for Macbooks with the release of a plug-n-play Bluetooth c

FastMac Macbook Extended Life Batteries Are Here

Macbook owners rejoice, FastMac has announced an extended life battery for Macbooks. I will definitely preorder one as I can’t get enough work done from the couch without having to recharge my Macbo