• Limelight Buys Web And Application Acceleration Technology Startup AcceloWeb

    NASDAQ-listed Limelight Networks this morning announced the acquisition of AcceloWeb, a Tel Aviv-based provider of technology that helps speed the presentation of websites and applications. We wrote about the company back in July 2009 when it was still called FasterWeb. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, but we’ve learned that the transaction was completed with a combination… Read More

  • FasterWeb Wants To Make The Entire Web Up To Ten Times Faster In 2010

    As the web matures, it’s also getting more complex. Yet much of it is still fundamentally based on things like HTML which are 30 years old. A new startup, FasterWeb, aims to bring these old technologies up to speed — as it were — making the web faster, by optimizing the old standards for doing new things. And in doing so, it claims that it can increase the performance of any… Read More