Rare Bits launches a market for digital collectables

As we plunge into our baffling future, it is believed that, at some point, we will be trading in cryptographically secure kittens, monsters, and playing cards. While it is unclear why this will happen

Crunch Report | The tech companies helping to educate the public on fake news and how to get free Postmates Unlimited

Today’s Stories: These tech companies want to get rid of fake news; Say goodbye forever to Facebook app invites; Apple is giving out free Postmates Unlimited; Mashable sells to Ziff Davis; Virgin Hy

Zynga Finally Debuts FarmVille 2, Promises To Keep Working On The Original Too

Zynga’s FarmVille proved to be a runaway hit when it launched back in the heady days of 2009, and three years later millions of faux-farmers still habitually tend to their digital crops every day. S

Spotted: Hasbro And Zynga’s First Physical Title, A Farmville Memory Game For Ages 4 And Up

Zynga became a public company with $3.75 billion dollar market cap in part by taking existing physical games and introducing them to your browser and social graph. Poker and Scrabble are just two that

Hey Zynga, Cut It Out With This “Far East” Crap

This morning Zynga <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> that it's expanding its FarmVille franchise into an

'FarmVille' With Live Animals. No, Really

<img src="" alt="" /> <em>"The online farmers will not be able to choose to grow cannabis or bananas, but undoub

Zynga's FarmVille Will Allow You To Sow Seeds At Farms In The English Countryside

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The Year In Virtual Goods By The Numbers

<img src=""> The global virtual goods industry put up some very impressive numbers this year. From <a href="

Zynga's CityVille Now More Than 25 Percent Bigger Than FarmVille

<img src="" class="shot2" /> We knew Zynga's Facebook game <a href="

FarmVille Coming To The iPhone In Late June, Jobs Pronounces Zynga "Zenya"

<img src="//" class="shot2">Zynga's hit game<a href=""> Farmville</a> is coming to the iPhone,

What's In The Health Care Bill? According To Google, A Bit Of Farmville.

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-167068" title="fa" src="" alt="" width="269" height="356" />Look, I know <a href="">

Sweet Seeds: Zynga Has Raised Over $1 Million For School Children In Haiti

<img src="" width="156" height="200" />Today, backstage at the <a href="http://crunchies2009.beta.techc