Read AI raises $10M, creates virtual meeting dashboard to show you when you talk too much

Read Dashboard sits in virtual meetings to measure engagement, performance and sentiment among participants.

DealBase Finds $1 Million For Hotel Deal Database

<img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/27955v2-max-250x250-215x67.jpg" width="215" height="67" /> <a href="http://www.crunchbase.com/company/dealbase-corporation">DealBase.com,</a>

Yapta Graduates From Browser Add-On to Flight-Tracking Website

Browser add-ons are a great, but not everybody uses them. If you want to build a serious Web business, it is probably still a good idea to have a Website as well. Last year, when Tom Romary launched Y

Microsoft Acquires Farecast For $115M

Rumors about the acquisition of Farecast are accurate – in a very brief blog post CEO Hugh Crean says they’ve been acquired by Microsoft. SeattlePI, which first broke the rumor last week,

Farecast Now Offers International Flight Price Predictions

Seattle based Farecast, a service that predicts and guarantees airline prices, has expanded its reach outside of the United States, with international coverage in key markets. Farecast, which launched

Breaking: Kayak Raises $196 Million, Buys Rival SideStep

Discount travel site Kayak has acquired rival SideStep for $200 million. This story was set to be announced tomorrow but word is leaking all over the place after Sidestep CEO Rob Solomon told his comp

Farecast Now Provides Data On Fairness Of Hotel Pricing

Seattle based Farecast, a startup that launched about 18 months ago to focus on predicting flight prices and guaranteeing users against increases, just expanded to help people find deals on hotel room

CrunchGear Tips for Airplane Trips

Booking flights is one of the most depressing parts of traveling. Those big adventure plans always seem great until you see how much it’s going to cost. But all is not lost. There are several wa

Farecast Deals Engine Launches

Seattle based Farecast is turning into quite a good way to find cheap airline tickets. The core service predicts if airline prices will increase or decrease in the near future from the current prices.

Farecast Takes $12 Million More

For good or bad, venture funds are flowing like it’s 1999 all over again. Seattle-based Farecast , which predicts and guarantees airline prices, dipped its toes in the cash pool for its third ro

Farecast's Price Guarantee on Flights Goes Live

Seattle based Farecast moved its price guarantee product out of beta tonight and onto the live site. Farecast is a service that predicts airline pricing in the future (U.S. domestic market only), help

Farecast Selling Airline Ticket Price Guarantees

Seattle based airfare prediction service Farecast is testing what the company calls its first retail product beyond basic price forecasts; the company is now offering to lock in ticket prices against

Farecast launches for 55 US cities

Seattle startup Farecast is taking their airfare prediction technology nation wide today, flights departing from 55 US cities are now available for price history, predictions and buy/wait recommendati

Farecast airfare prediction engine opens public beta today

The airfare prediction Farecast launches its public beta today, enabling travelers to leverage more than 60 billion records of past airfare prices to predict whether prices will rise or fall over the

Use Farecast To Find Flight Deals (or just fly Southwest)

Seattle-based Farecast, now in private beta, is an airfare pricing comparision tool that also uses a predictive algorithm to recommend when you buy your ticket. So the idea is to show the user not jus