• Twitter Can Be Liberated – Here's How

    Over the last few days a number of popular bloggers have complained, loudly, that it’s time to ditch Twitter and move to a decentralized version of the service that won’t go down every time usage spikes. Generally services like Twitter, once they reach a critical mass of users, can’t really be stopped because the network effect kicks in as a massive barrier to entry. But… Read More

  • Faraday Media Launches Particls Sidebar, Engagd

    Faraday Media will today launch a new sidebar based version of attention management tool Particls, as well as a new attention platform Engagd. The Particls Sidebar provides a same attention feed based information as the Particls ticker; a personalized, streaming view of everything that matters to the user online in real-time, but in a sidebar. The Particls sidebar is a welcome alternative to… Read More

  • Attention Ticker Particls Enters Public Beta

    Attention management ticker Particls from Faraday Media moves from private testing to a full public beta launch today. Particls is an alerts platform that conveys attention data. Particls evaluates incoming information and ranks it based on “Personal Relevance”. Particls then uses an “Output Adapter” that provides only the amount of attention required for the relevancy… Read More