• With NFL/NBA Lockouts Continuing, Fanvibe Goes On Permanent Strike

    With NFL/NBA Lockouts Continuing, Fanvibe Goes On Permanent Strike

    It wasn’t even a month ago when we broke the news that beRecruited would be acquiring former Y Combinator startup Fanvibe. At the time, Fanvibe’s Vishwas Prabhakara, set to become the new CEO of beRecruited with the deal, said that Fanvibe would continue to operate with its roughly 100,000 users. What a difference a few weeks make. Effective immediately, Fanvibe will cease… Read More

  • Fanvibe Signs A Letter Of Intent To Be Acquired By beRecruited

    As popular as sports are, and as popular as the Internet is, it’s always been a bit odd to me that the two haven’t intertwined in a completely successful way just yet. That’s why it’s always nice to hear about mergers between the two sides. And that’s exactly what beRecruited and Fanvibe have apparently just completed. As of tomorrow, beRecruited will… Read More

  • Football, Twitter, Beer. TweetQB Provides Two Of Three

    We’ve written about Fanvibe (formerly FanPulse) a few times because they do a nice job mixing some of the hottest elements of the web these days (tweets, check-ins, gaming elements) with sports. And now we’re about to enter the peak time for sports in the U.S. with the NFL season about to kickoff. With that in mind, the guys behind Fanvibe have come up with a new… Read More