Fantastical lets you share a link to schedule meetings — no Calendly required

Flexibits, the company behind popular calendar app Fantastical, has added several new features that should help with scheduling. While Calendly seems to be the dominating player in this space, Flexibi

Flexibits updates contacts app Cardhop, adds deeper integration with Fantastical

Flexibits, the company behind productivity apps Fantastical and Cardhop, is releasing a new version of Cardhop for both macOS and iOS. This is the second major version of the app and it adds new featu

Flexibits launches major Fantastical update

Flexibits, the company behind popular calendar app Fantastical, is releasing Fantastical 3.0 on all platforms today — macOS, iOS, iPadOS and watchOS. New features include event proposals, interestin

Fantastical maker cleverly redefines contact apps with Cardhop

Flexibits, the company behind popular calendar app Fantastical, is releasing a new app for macOS today. Cardhop is another take on a default productivity app. This time, the company is trying to impro

Sorry Sunrise, I’m switching to Fantastical

<a target="_blank" href="">Fantastical</a> is back with a huge update on OS X. There are ton of new things, like native Exchange support, checking your coworkers’ av

Fantastical Arrives On The Apple Watch

Fantastical fans will be happy to hear that the indie calendar app for Mac and iOS is making the jump to the Apple Watch. For those wondering why the app hadn’t made the jump sooner (“It&#

Fantasical 2 Makes Your Cal Fantastic-er

Fanatical Fantastical users rejoice! The app, which makes adding appointments to your calendar as easy as clicking a button on top of your Mac menu bar and typing “Eat pork with Alex at 5pm on W

Fantastical 2 Brings Deep Reminders Support, Revamped iOS 7 Look To The Best iPhone Calendar

As my default Calendar replacement app, Fantastical has been on the home screen of my iPhone since its release nearly a year ago. As one of the few pieces of productivity software that I use regularly

Fantastical Update Adds In-Line Editing, Deleting

My favorite app (until my next favorite app comes along), Fantastical, is finally out of beta and the update is now available for download. The new version supports editing and deleting of calendar it

Fantastical: My Favorite New Calendar App

I've been using a pretty cool app of late called Fantastical. It's OS X-only but I suspect the Windows crowd would get a kick out of it as well. Basically it's a natural language calendar app. You