• Instagram Unveils Realtime API With Foodspotting, Fancy, Momento, Flipboard, And Others

    Instagram Unveils Realtime API With Foodspotting, Fancy, Momento, Flipboard, And Others

    It really is kind of amazing that Instagram has shot past two million users in just a few months with only an iPhone app. No Android app, no website, no real third-party support. But starting today, that changes as they’re finally ready to unveil their API. And they already have some pretty nice implementations right off the bat to show what it can do. Co-founder Kevin Systrom says that… Read More

  • Fancy Is A Social Shopping List For The Design-Obsessed

    We recently wrote about thingd, the ambitious startup that wants to build a “database of every thing in the world.” The startup, which has raised funding from a group of impressive investors, recently rolled out Fancy, a social shopping/blogging platform to list products. The idea behind Fancy is fairly simple. Via a bookmarklet, you can flag and import pictures of pretty much… Read More

  • Viso, the interactive woman

    German design agency Bartproject has come up with this very strange art installation that is supposed to demonstrate interaction with animated images. It’s basically a drawing of a woman’s face that you can touch and interact with and it will react based on your input. It’s both cool and weird at the same time, like giving yourself “the stranger.” Read More

  • Flat Panel Frame, Debatable Elegance for those with Cash to Burn

    Pottery Barn is selling an item designed to improve the look of one’s flat panel TV. The Chadwick Flat Panel Frame is essentially a picture frame for a flat panel TV. It’s available in three sizes and it’s crafted from hard wood. The frame is available now for $400 – $500. Product Page [via Uncrate] Read More

  • Bang & Olufsen BeoLab9 Loudspeakers: Marketed So Fancily, You'd Hardly Know They're Speakers

    These crazy looking things are the Bang & Olufsen BeoLab9 loudspeakers. Now, when you go to B&F’s Web site, you’ll notice that the copy reads like the speakers are some sort of United Nations program to save the world from certain doom. But they’re not. They’re just unique looking speakers. Yes, they have all the goodies to ensure they sound wonderful, but… Read More