Email creation startup Stensul raises $16M

Stensul, a startup aiming to streamline the process of building marketing emails, has raised $16 million in Series B funding. When the company raised its $7 million Series A two years ago, founder an

Fan Wars: Former Google Biz Dev Head David Dowd Becomes VP Of Social Marketer FanBridge

Right now there's a cutthroat battle between social marketing platforms to represent the world's biggest brands. In hopes of seducing dollars from offline and clients from competitors, <a href="http:/

Fan Management Platform FanBridge Launches Email Digest For Brands To Curate Popular Social Content

Fan "relationship management" service <a href="">FanBridge</a> is launching a new feature today, called the “Social Digest,” which gives influencers and brands a way to st

With $2 Million In Fresh Funding, FanBridge Buys DamnTheRadio

<img src=""> Fan "relationship management" service <a href="">FanBridge</a> recently closed a $2 million Series A