• The Agony Of The Fanboy

    The Agony Of The Fanboy

    Every few months I’m reminded of the intensity of feeling some technologies – be they physical objects (they usually are) or web services – engender in a certain subset of the human population. It’s a well-documented effect: The object of desire is courted for months before launch, then at launch it is defended to the death, and then, when it is obvious that said object… Read More

  • Putting All Of This “Fanboy/Fangirl” Nonsense To Rest Once And For All

    Putting All Of This “Fanboy/Fangirl” Nonsense To Rest Once And For All

    There’s an interesting thing that happens in the technology press world, and probably throughout all of journalism land. It’s weird, and it’s become quite annoying to me. Basically, whenever someone writes something positive about a company, be it a product release or software update, the general public tend to jump to a conclusion quickly — that the person writing… Read More

  • OH NOES Zune guy covering up his tattoo!

    I happen to think the Zune has a long, happy life ahead of it as long as it has no illusions about market share. I like mine, but apparently the Zune tattoo guy has had enough. He feels the Zune has been neglected and the reworking of the Xbox 360’s interface with no Zune love has put him over the edge. Unless he gets something like I’ve pictured above to cover up the infamous… Read More

  • CrunchGear's handy iPhone rumor confirmator

    With the plethora of iPhone rumors floating around these days, here is a handy way to tell if a rumor is true — i.e. the iPhone will kick ass — or is false — i.e. it will be made by vat-grown German virgins genetically engineered to have tweezers instead of fingers. Please print out this flow-chart to assist you in your rumor assessing now and in the future as it is… Read More

  • Zune, iPod camps fudge numbers in WSJ voting poll

    Ah, there’s nothing better than passionate users. The Wall Street Journal recently ran a holiday poll asking "Which of these items are you most likely to purchase as a gift?" The iPod and Zune were two of the choices and when the final numbers had been tallied, the iPod received 62% of the vote and "in a highly improbable move, Zune surged from less than 1% through most… Read More

  • HD fanboys go too far, shut down AVS Forum

    The format war is alive and well over at the AV forum. So alive that the moderators have had to shut down further posting in the HD area till the end of the week. I guess the fanboys on both sides couldn’t keep their cool. AVS Forum Read More