• Dyson AM06 Desk Fan 10 Review: Artwork Or Appliance?

    Dyson AM06 Desk Fan 10 Review: Artwork Or Appliance?

    Dyson has a new line of its ‘Cool’ bladeless fans out, and as you might expect from the UK-based appliance maker, they’re basically the best-looking fans you can buy. I got to take the AM06 Desk Fan 10 out for a test spin, just to see if the brains and beauty combined in the sleek package amounted to more than just a very expensive way to move some air… Read More

  • Fan TV Is A Next-Generation Set-Top Box For Live TV, DVR, VOD, And Streaming Services Like Netflix

    Fan TV Is A Next-Generation Set-Top Box For Live TV, DVR, VOD, And Streaming Services Like Netflix

    Video discovery startup Fanhattan is getting ready to change the way that viewers watch TV, with a new streaming set-top box that combines all of the best parts of TV, DVR, and VOD, while also giving users access to all their favorite streaming services. The box powers a universal search across all those things, and is powered by a beautiful, trackpad-like remote control. Read More

  • Fan + Umbrella = Fanbrella (Video)

    Tokyo-based crap gadget maker Thanko has outdone itself yet again: the company has announced the so-called Fanbrella [JP] today, a combination of a fan and (you guessed it) an umbrella. Read More

  • In Preparation For Sale To Rubicon Project, Fox Audience Network Fires Half Its Staff

    In Preparation For Sale To Rubicon Project, Fox Audience Network Fires Half Its Staff

    News Corp is on the verge of unloading another one of its digital businesses under Fox Interactive Media, the Fox Audience Network (FAN), to Los Angeles-based ad-optimization startup The Rubicon Project. The deal has not been signed yet and may still fall apart, but the two companies are in the final stages of negotiation, according to sources with direct knowledge of the deal. (Talks have… Read More

  • Review: Dyson AM02 Tower Fan

    Short Version
    It’s been a long, hot summer here on the homestead. John-John gets the whoopus when the dust kicks up and the house, such as it is, is about as hot as an oven most days. Most of August, when one of the neighbors rides into to town to check the bank thermometer and we find out that it’s well into the nineties, we usually just headed out to the old horse trough and… Read More

  • Dyson's new air multipliers blow (in a good way)

    Back in October, John reviewed Dyson’s original “air multiplier” (can you say fan?) and while he liked it, the pricing was a bit extreme for a something that blew air around a room. That being said, Dyson has come out with new line of “air multipliers” and this time they’ve added a few new tricks to the line. Read More

  • Must… resist… obvious Dyson vacuum/fan joke…

    Dyson, the makers of the trendiest vacuum cleaners around, have switched modes. Enter the Dyson Air Multiplier, a fan that utilizes the same bladeless technology as the Dyson vacuum. Thing looks like a freaking jet engine sitting on your desk. A jet engine that keeps you cool, that is. John already got to check one out. Read More

  • Video Review: The Dyson Air Multiplier

    And you thought fans were boring. This new table fan by Dyson features a bladeless design that seems to be a first in the “things that blow stuff industry.” I’m quite impressed. A large ring channels the air through a very thin slit and over a specially designed surface. The result is a jet of cool air. There are three controls… Read More

  • USB-powered, hand-held Japanese bamboo fan

    OK, now this whole USB gadget thing is really getting silly. They’re now producing Japanese bamboo fans that double as USB memory sticks. And this time, “they” aren’t even offered by CrunchGear favorite Thanko, but exclusively for a non-Japanese audience (if I understood correctly) by Geek Stuff 4 U. Read More

  • Weird PC mouse displays LED messages, cools off through built-in fan

    Offered by a Japanese company, slightly over-engineered, USB connection and senseless but kind of cool. What sounds like the typical Thanko product, is offered by another company in Nippon: A computer mouse that can not only display LED messages but is also able to cool itself via a built-in mini fan. A company called esupply [JP], which I will keep an eye on from now on, is offering it on… Read More

  • Swizz Style Otto: a manly man's wooden fan

    What we have here is a man’s fan. With summer fast approaching many of you will be seeking refuge in your garage, away from the kids or wife and the beer fridge can’t be left open while you’re watching the game. The Otto isn’t just any ole fan that you can pick up at Wal*Mart, though. It’s a 45W 3-speed “industrial” fan with adjustable feet and a… Read More