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  • Family Guy Empire Strikes Back spoof leaks to Bit Torrent sites before its DVD debut

    Fox made the decision to release the second Family Guy Star Wars spoof on DVD before airing on its network. Why? Greed. The first one was a huge hit and instead of just giving it away on a Sunday night for the whole world to enjoy, some corner office suits decided to release it on DVD first. That way, they probably thought while sipping 50-year old whiskey in a smoke-filled boardroom, people… Read More

  • Two more Family Guy Windows 7 commercials for you to enjoy

    Despite what the Internet said a few weeks ago, Microsoft tapped Family Guy to advertise Windows 7. The first one aired last weekend, but the video above and the one after the jump have just been posted to YouTube proving the partnership isn’t dead after all. Watch and enjoy, but don’t expect anything edgy and hip. Read More

  • Family Guy advertised Windows 7 after all

    Remember that hubbub a few weeks back about Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy advertising Windows 7? But the show was apparently deemed to raunchy so Microsoft replaced Family Guy with Warner Bros. Well, did you catch last night’s episode? There was a Family Guy segment that certainly looked like an advertisement and was then followed by a regular Windows 7 commercial. Check out the… Read More

  • Family Guy's "Something Something Something Dark Side" trailer

    Everyone agrees that the first Family Guy Star Wars parody, Blue Harvest, was TV at its finest, right? It was such a big hit that Fox is going to release the second one on DVD on December 22 before airing it on TV with the hope fans will actually spend money and buy the damn thing. If the trailer is any indication of the episode’s awesomeness, some people might actually do just that. Read More

  • Warner Bros. replaces Microsoft as Family Guy sponsor

    The Family Guy-Microsoft story has been tearing this country apart for too long. No more! Seth McFarlane & Co. have found a new sponsor for their Almost Live special, and it’s none other than the movie Sherlock Holmes, which stars Robert Downey, Jr. Read More

  • Video: First look at how Family Guy is selling out to Microsoft

    Prediction: The Windows 7 Family Guy mashup will be lame. I’m talking The Goode Family lame. How do I know? This sneak peak video. Update: The original video disappeared, added a new one. Get it while you can. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 22-disc Family Guy box set for $75

    Amazon’s lopped over $60 off the 22-disc “Total World Domination Collection” of Family Guy episodes, bringing the total price to just $75 (good today only). Read More

  • Star Trek TNG on Family Guy

    Love you some cartoons? Well, an upcoming episode of Seth McFarland’s Family Guy will have a Star Trek feel. Apparently the Griffen family is off to a Trekie convention, which judging by the pic, produces hilarious results between the old cast members and Stewie. I can’t wait. Read More

  • Simpsons switching to high definition for season 20 premiere

    The Simpsons has been a staple in many homes for nearly 20 years and finally, finally, the show will be broadcast in glorious high definition. Season 20 debuts on February 15 which is when the switch will be flipped and we’ll see Homer and Co. in HD. Plus, the show is going to have a new main title for the first time in 20 seasons. Oh, and for the record, The Simpsons is going HD before… Read More

  • Giggity, Giggity, Giggity: Quagmire piggy bank

    Here’s a piggy (piggity?) bank of Glenn Quagmire sitting atop a zebra-striped blanet on a black leather couch. I’m not quite sure where you’re supposed to stick the coins (ewwww) but I think I see a little slit on the top of the sofa, so hopefully that’s it. It’s $40, plus whatever your therapist charges you per hour after the thing finally creeps you out. After… Read More

  • The Matrix: Family Guy style

    Some people have way too much time on their hands, but I can’t help but giggle as I watch this. Kudos to, themarkman2001. He/she also has a Braveheart spoof. via NewLaunches Read More

  • Family Guy 'Cleveland' spin-off in the works?

    Wow. Apparently Seth MacFarlane and company are working on a spin-off from Family Guy tentatively titled Cleveland, starring the slow-talking walking stereotype Cleveland Brown. It’s unclear whether the series would be set in Quahog and/or if Loretta, Cleveland, and Cleveland Jr. would continue to show up on Family Guy as part of the storyline. I’d hope they’d still be part… Read More

  • Family GuyDVD with iTunes-compatible video files shipping

    [photopress:familyguyh264dvd.jpg,full,center] Fox is now releasing DVDs that include iTunes-compatable H.264 video files, as was rumored last month. The first such DVD, the “Blue Harvest” Family Guy episode, isn’t scheduled to ship until next week, but several copies have already made their way into fans’ hands. (Amazon lists it for $16.09, so there doesn’t appear… Read More

  • Family Guy hits iTunes Music Store

    As of right now, only one episode is available and according to some iTunes users, the quality is pretty sucky. But don’t let that stop you from getting excited. Seems FOX finally caught on that college kids and teenagers around the country love raunchy animated comedies and thus decided to bring Family Guy to iTunes. Yes, you can now watch full episodes of Stewie, Brian and Peter… Read More

  • Video Conversion The Family Guy Way

    LMAO! I’m so glad it’s fall. I can now watch mind numbing television, which will make the winter bearable. Enjoy! Read More