fair use

  • Crunch Report | WeWork Gets a $4.4 Billion Investment from SoftBank

    H3H3 wins in copyright lawsuit, WeWork gets 4.4 billion investment from SoftBank, Social Capital wants to help startups go public without an IPO and Uber’s financials show the company is still growing despite the drama. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • Zillow and McMansion Hell bury the hatchet after nastygram rouses internet’s ire

    Zillow and McMansion Hell bury the hatchet after nastygram rouses internet’s ire

    All is well in McMansion Hell, the blog doing god’s work by sassing the hideous architecture on display in our otherwise pleasant suburbs. Zillow sent a letter earlier this week threatening legal action over the blog’s use of images taken from the real estate giant’s site — but as these boneheaded corporations just can’t seem to learn, this sort of thing… Read More

  • Google’s Move Toward Fair Use Comes In Anticipation Of YouTube Red Crunch Network

    Google’s Move Toward Fair Use Comes In Anticipation Of YouTube Red

    In November, Google through its copyright legal director Fred Von Lohmann announced it would offer legal support on the basis of fair use to a select group of content creators on YouTube that receive copyright claims. Videos, which in Google’s view constitute fair use will remain live in the United States and be featured in the YouTube Copyright Center. Read More

  • Legal Streaming: Build Your Audience Without Getting GG’ed Crunch Network

    Legal Streaming: Build Your Audience Without Getting GG’ed

    Tens of thousands of broadcasters, game developers, and fans converged on San Francisco’s Moscone Center during TwitchCon 2015 — Twitch’s inaugural celebration for the videogame streaming community. Since its launch in 2007, Twitch has grown into the world’s most popular streaming platform for video game and electronic sports Internet streaming, ranking fourth overall… Read More

  • Fun With Fair Use: Daily Mail Steals Blogger’s Image, Refuses To Pay Up

    Fun With Fair Use: Daily Mail Steals Blogger’s Image, Refuses To Pay Up

    Alice Taylor, CEO of Makielab and wife of BoingBoing’s Cory Doctorow, took a nice snapshot of a anorexic mannequin in an “Always Skinny” display at the Gap. The mannequin is clearly emaciated and, skinny tights or no, probably should get some help. Alice snapped a picture, Cory posted it, all was right with the world. The Daily Mail’s blogger, one Ariel Ramerez, asked… Read More

  • Fair Use in 2008: What it is, what it isn't

    [photopress:fairuseee.jpg,full,center] The ongoing “he said, she said” debate about copyright over at Bits is more or less what you’d expect: the stuffy lawyer type demonizing anything and everything that doesn’t grant media companies full and unfettered access to sell and re-sell you their junk, and a youngish, cool-looking guy pulling the old “man, what is… Read More

  • When people pretending to represent Ashton Kutcher's photographers attack

    We here at CrunchGear are no strangers to frivolous lawsuits (Peter Ha, for example, married then divorced two sisters in one family and that still hasn’t gotten sorted out. Crazy bigamy/incest laws!), but this one takes the cake. A gentleman named Richard Figueroa is apparently representing an image of Ashton Kutcher that used to show up on Google when you searched for the… Read More

  • YouTube Wants To Question Stewart and Colbert

    With the debate over copyright between YouTube and Viacom heating up, the online video site is hoping that some of its biggest stars will help them out in the debate over fair use of TV clips. YouTube intends to question Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on what they think about Viacom’s decision to sue YouTube. The company needs 30 depositions from people to keep the legal battle… Read More

  • Oh No She Didn't! iTunes 7.1.1 Cracked!

    The current version of iTunes, 7.1.1, has been cracked by the creators of QTFairUse6. QTFairUse6 allows for you to strip your iTMS-purchased songs of their nasty DRM. Currently, the software is only for Windows, so us Mac OS X users will have to wait until someone makes a version for us. Chances are Apple has already been informed and iTunes 7.1.2 is in the works as an update. So if you hate… Read More

  • Handgun Restrictions No! Used CD Restrictions Si!

    Apparently, fair use is going to hell in a hand-basket very soon. If I buy a CD and don’t want to keep it anymore, I should be able to sell it to a third-party for a considerable sum of money. According to Florida and Utah law though, you can’t do that. In fact, these two states are placing restrictions on the sale of used CDs so that you must submit plenty of identification as well… Read More

  • Congress Introduces Digital Fair Use Bill – An End To DRM?

    Sometimes it takes bold moves for real action to happen. Lucky for us, Representatives Richard Boucher from Virginia and John Dolittle from California have the guts to stand up to the RIAA and say “We don’t need no stinkin’ DRM!” The digital fair use bill was introduced to Congress today, which is supposed to give customers more rights when buying digital content. Read More