Failure is a choose-your-own adventure for startups

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Failure is complex, especially in the world of startups

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Kill them with candor

After failing to secure another round of funding and shutting down my startup, Katch, I’ve been thinking about candor. While failure isn’t a unique story in our industry, talking about it is. Of c

Failure Modes

This was a rich month for the <a href="">deadpool</a>. <a href="">Prim</a> shut down. So did <a href="http

Palm Software Director: “We Just Weren’t Able To Execute”

Hindsight, as they say, is 20/20 and Brian X Chen has a great tick-tock detailing the initial fall - and continuing fall - of WebOS. The interviews are quite telling, <a HREF="

Seagate drives killing MacBooks

It’s bad enough that my MacBook is running hotter than Hades since I upgraded to Leopard, but the last thing I need is for my HDD to crap out. Luckily my MB does not have a 2.5-inch drive from S

BBC's fawlty iPlayer a money sink "worse than"

The BBC’s project to make its enormous back catalog of quality British TV shows available online was ambitious to say the least. But due to colossal mismanagement and a lack of vision and flexib

The Gizmondo Story, In Words

Wired is running a beautiful feature about the Gizmondo head Bo Stefan Eriksson and his constant and consistent scam-a-palooza that ended in the fiery explosion of a Ferrari Enzo. The Enzo has less th

Cellphone Boom-Times are Over

It was a good run, guys, but the days of huge phone sales are over. Go ahead, Motorola. Pack up those plans for the Moto WAFR and the WLHNG. Nokia: scrap the 81294 with WiFi, a sense of self, and a dr

ESPN Mobile: Game Over

Bloops. I guess we missed this news earlier. Looks like ESPN Mobile is officially closed and if you’re a subscriber you can use your ESPN phone until the end of the year but you won’t have