• The Future Of Foxconn: The Birds

    The Future Of Foxconn: The Birds

    At first I thought the birds in the trees at the Foxconn’s largest plant in Shenzhen, China were fake. They sang so sweetly that I was sure my hosts had planted speakers for my benefit – a sort of Potemkin aviary high in the branches. The plant, called Foxconn City, is one of Foxconn’s 26 major and minor factories around the world. Built by founder Terry Guo in 1974, the… Read More

  • Foxconn Worker Dies In Shower After 60-Hour Workweek

    A Foxconn employee, Chen Long, died of exhaustion after working a continuous 60-hour shift in one week, stopping rarely to sleep and eat. The employee, who had previously fainted from exhaustion, died in a shower on June 24th. Here is a rundown by MICGadget: On June 24th, the day before Chen’s death, everything is normal. Chen got off work at 7pm, and went home for dinner. After having… Read More

  • German man sells turnkey condom manufacturing factories

    56 year old German entrepreneur Klaus Richter is selling ready-for-use condom factories, meaning you can order a complete manufacturing facility from him, and he ships practically everywhere. What may sound as a joke at first is serious business: Richter has so far sold over 100 factories worldwide. Read More

  • Mac Brick? Apple's fancy new manufacturing process that could revolutionize the industry

    Big rumor this weekend, which makes you wonder why it emerged during the weekend and not the workweek. Be that as it may… Apple is looking to construct, or already has, its own ultra modern manufacturing facility. A fancy factory, in English. Names being thrown around include Brick, MacBrick, or variations thereof. The facility would make use of, among other high-tech innovations, laser… Read More

  • Samsung closer to opening mobile phone factory in Vietnam

    It looks like Samsung is getting closer to building a $670 million mobile phone manufacturing plant in Vietnam. Why the change of locale? Cheap labor, of course. Samsung submitted a proposal last month to authorities in the northern province of Bac Ninh, which is 19 miles NE of Hanoi and according to officials they’re close to sealing the deal. Nguyen Quang Thanh of the provincial… Read More