Mask unlock is finally live on iPhone as iOS 15.4 arrives

Just under a week after Apple’s big event, the company dropped the latest version of a trio of operating systems: iOS/iPadOS 15.4 and macOS 12.3 are now live. For those who don’t live on the beta

Metalenz PolarEyes upgrades digital sensing with polarized light

Tech sees differently, and can fuse multiple types of data we can’t even perceive: lidar, IR, ultrasonic and so on. Metalenz, maker of highly compact “2D” cameras for advanced sensin

Apple releases new iPad, FaceID ads

Apple has released a handful of new ads promoting the iPad’s portability and convenience over both laptops and traditional paper solutions. The 15-second ads focus on how the iPad can make even

iPhone X basically has a Kinect on the front to enable Face ID

It remains to be seen whether Apple’s Face ID will be as convenient as Touch ID (it already failed on stage), but at the very least we can’t accuse Apple of not dedicating enough hardware

Face ID is replacing Touch ID on the new iPhone X

Apple just introduced the new iPhone X, and the full edge-to-edge screen means no more home button. No more home button means no more Touch ID, since that’s where Apple put the fingerprint scann

This is the iPhone X

Today, Apple introduced the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. But in true Apple fashion, Tim Cook promised us "one more thing." Ten years after Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, Apple is introducing the iPh