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Meet The HTC First, The First Android Phone To Come Preloaded With Facebook Home

The torrent of leaks these past few days haven't left much to the imagination, but HTC's Peter Chou has just officially pulled back the curtain on the first phone to ship with<a href="https://beta.tec

Facebook’s New “Home” Puts Focus On Messaging With Chat Heads

At today's Facebook "Home on Android" event, the company launched a brand new homescreen that can be installed across any Android device, called Home. Home transforms your smartphone from a app-ce

Facebook Home’s Cover Feed Is A Laid-Back, Streamed News Feed On Your Phone’s Home Screen

As predicted, Facebook announced a way to turn your Android phone into one focused on people and not apps, as we’ve grown accustomed to on computers and mobile devices. “We don’t wan

Facebook Phone Leak Points To Budget HTC Device, Homescreen App For All Androids

Facebook's new "Home" on Android will debut on a mediocre HTC handset codenamed "Myst" but will be available on standard Android phones, according to an autopsy of a leaked developer build of the Face