Facebook Earnings

Facebook beats in Q1 and boosts daily user growth to 1.45B amidst backlash

Amongst massive criticism over data privacy, Facebook showed the resiliency of its advertising machine by beating Wall Street’s $11.41 billion revenue estimate in its Q1 2018 earnings report by

Facebook survives Q4 despite slowest daily user growth ever

Despite worries about Russia and that passive News Feed scrolling hurts us, Facebook beat expectations again in its Q4 2017 earnings report. Facebook now has 1.4 billion daily users, up 2.18% compared

Facebook beats in Q3 with $4.7B profit, record share price despite Russia

Facebook is still in the middle of its House Intelligence Committee hearing about Russian election interference, but the looming concerns over misuse haven’t dampened its business as profits con

WhatsApp hits 1B daily users while its Snapchat clone rockets to 250M

Facebook is winning the race to bring Snapchat’s Stories format to the rest of the world before its originator. WhatsApp Status, its version of Snapchat Stories, now has 250 million daily active

Facebook beats in Q2 with $9.32B revenue despite slower user growth

Facebook's hot streak continued with a strong Q2 2017 earnings report. It earned $9.32 billion and $1.32 in GAAP actual EPS, compared to estimates of $9.2 billion revenue and $1.13 EPS. Revenue growt

Facebook beats in Q1 with $8.03B revenue, faster growth to 1.94B users

Facebook had another strong quarter, beating estimates to start 2017. It scored $8.03 billion in revenue and $1.04 GAAP actual EPS in Q1 compared to $0.87 EPS estimate. It earned that from 1.94 billi

10 big earnings questions Facebook probably won’t answer

Teens and Snapchat? Instagram earning money finally? The impact of the fake news scandal? These are what we wish Facebook would talk about on today’s Q4 earnings call. Facebook’s business

Facebook crushes Q2 earnings, hits 1.71B users and record share price

Coming off an all-time high stock price of $123.34, Facebook in Q2 2016 smashed earnings again. The social network continued steady growth just slightly slower at 3.63% compared to last quarter’

Facebook swells to 1.65B users and beats Q1 estimates with $5.38B revenue

Facebook continued its winning streak as other tech companies floundered, reaching 1.65 billion monthly users and surpassing estimates in its Q1 2016 earnings report with $5.38 billion in revenue and

Trouble With Teens Could Trip Up Today’s Facebook Earnings

When Facebook mentioned "a decrease in daily users specifically among younger teens" in last quarter's earnings call, its share price fell from $57.98 in after-hours to open the next day at $47.16, el

Facebook Admits Some Decrease Of Usage Amongst Young Teens For The First Time

Facebook may be feeling the pinch from teen-focused mobile-first social networks like Snapchat, as CFO David Ebersman said on today's earnings call that Facebook "did see a decrease in daily users spe

App Install Ads Earned Facebook “Real Revenue” And Helped 3800 Developers Drive 25M Downloads

Facebook app install ads were the star of Facebook's earnings call today. Sheryl Sandberg said 3800 developers, including 40% of the top 100 iOS app developers, used the ads to drive over 25 million

Facebook Earnings Graphs Shows Shift To Mobile May Be Depressing Domestic Ad Revenue Per User

It appears that as people switch from the desktop where Facebook shows multiple ads per page to mobile, Facebook is earning less ad revenue per user in its most important markets. While user growth he

Facebook’s Monthly Active Users Up 23% to 1.11B; Daily Users Up 26% To 665M; Mobile MAUs Up 54% To 751M

In Q4 of last year, Facebook’s mobile MAUs surpassed desktop for the first time in its history. That trend continued in Q1 2013 with 751M MAUs. This is what we learned with today’s release

Search Ads, App Ads, Gifts, And FBX Could Make Or Break Facebook’s Q4 Earnings

Facebook <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2012/10/23/facebook-q3-2012/">laid the groundwork</a> for several new money-makers in Q3 2012. <a target="_blank" href="http://investor.fb.com/releasedeta

It’s Making The Shift: 14% Of Facebook’s Q3 Ad Revenue Came From Mobile

Facebook answered the big question of whether it's transitioning to become a mobile ad company by noting in <a target="_blank" href="http://investor.fb.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=715607">today's