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  • Civil liberties groups ask for ‘moratoriums’ on face recognition tech

    Civil liberties groups ask for ‘moratoriums’ on face recognition tech

    Armed with new research, civil rights organizations are urging the Justice Department to investigate law enforcement’s excessive use of face recognition technologies. A coalition of more than 50 civil rights organizations asked the Department of Justice today to investigate the use of face recognition technology by local and state police and the FBI, after a report by the Georgetown… Read More

  • Apple Patents Face Recognition Tech For Enhanced iPhone Privacy And Automated Controls

    Apple Patents Face Recognition Tech For Enhanced iPhone Privacy And Automated Controls

    Apple has been issued a patent by the USPO today (via AppleInsider) that describes a system for using facial recognition and detection on a mobile or desktop computing device. This could work a lot like the Android face unlock option, which has been criticized before for its fallibility, but is also designed to prompt activity and use facial expressions as input for controlling the device. Read More

  • NEC's New Face Recognition System Is 100 Times Smaller Than Existing Ones

    Face recognition technology that can be used to identify a given person’s age and gender isn’t exactly new. But NEC has now developed a system [JP] that’s sized at just 7x12x1cm, which is about 100 times smaller than existing solutions (according to the company). NEC also claims that their mini system needs 50 times less power than its already commercialized counterparts. Read More

  • Video: Panasonic Face Recognition System Detects 64 Faces Simultaneously

    If you thought the face recognition technology from NEC we’ve shown you last year was impressive, think again: Panasonic is working on a system that can recognize 64 faces and compare 32 faces at the same time. The maker, Panasonic System Networks, says that’s up from only 8 faces the previous system (NV200) could register. Read More

  • Face Recognition For Dogs, Cats And Birds? There's Software For That (Video)

    Earlier this year, Fujifilm released the Finepix Z700, a camera that’s able to detect the faces of cats and dogs. Now Panasonic System Networks has updated FaceU [JP], a technology that recognizes not only faces of cats and dogs but also birds. It may sound a bit ridiculous (it possibly is), but FaceU helps you to make a picture when your pet look towards the camera automatically. Read More

  • NEC Working On Advanced Face Recognition Technology

    NEC is working on face recognition technology that helps detecting human faces even if they have aged substantially or gained weight over the years. In a benchmark test [PDF] conducted by the US Department of Homeland Security, the technology boasted 92% accuracy from a 1.6 million person criminal database, and 95% accuracy from a 1.8 million person database consisting of visa applicants. Read More

  • Lockface: USB drive that uses face recognition to verify users

    A Japanese company called Futen (they don’t have a website) is selling a USB flash drive that uses face recognition technology to check the identity of users. Needless to say, the so-called Lockface only works with your computer’s web cam. Read More

  • NEC technology identifies person's age and sex, delivers targeted ads

    NEC announced [JP] the development of an electronic advertisement delivery and face recognition system that makes it easier for companies to address customers with targeted ads. The company uses a newly developed plasma display (50 inches) that has a camera on top of it. NEC’s technology makes it possible to detect the age range and sex of a person standing in front of the display. Read More

  • New face recognition system helps stores to identify VIP customers

    Tokyo-based Tech security system provider Shiba Denshi Systems [JP] developed a technology that enables store employees to identify and systematically address “important” customers in a quicker way. First, video cameras installed at the store entrance capture the faces of customers coming in. The information is then forwarded to a data base of profiles that stores must in create… Read More

  • Japanese face analysis system for age verification pwn3d by magazine

    I don’t know how they ever believed this would work. How could they not have tried this? But really, it’s strengthening my belief about how technology advances in Japan. Briefly: Here in the United States, we get trickle-down tech. It’s a hand-me-down from the feudal system, I think: some lab-rats test the hell out of a product until they think it’s ready for us, then… Read More

  • Face recognition technology identifies John Travolta 100% of the time

    Or so they say. What they’re doing is using multiple pictures of the same terrorist/innocent civilian to create a sort of average face, which in this case looks like you mapped Travolta onto one of the guys in Quake. Wow, he really does look like a Quake guy there. They claim that this eliminates the confounding factors of beards, smiles, Groucho Marx glasses, and so on and creates an… Read More

  • Google Sort of Enables Face Recognition When Searching Images

    The things that Google comes up with are pretty scary. The Street View on Google Maps is pretty cool, but it’s starting to feel a lot like Big Brother around here. It appears that when searching for images you now have the ability to get pictures of just faces by adding this tid-bit to your search, “&imgtype=face”. Voila, stalking on the internet has gotten that much easier. Read More