face detection

  • This App Wants To Kill The Selfie Stick

    This App Wants To Kill The Selfie Stick

    Can an app replace the selfie stick? Sadly that seems a forlorn hope at this point. The plague of wands topped with phone clamps and wielded by photo-loving tourists everywhere seems unstoppable. Read More

  • New face recognition system helps stores to identify VIP customers

    Tokyo-based Tech security system provider Shiba Denshi Systems [JP] developed a technology that enables store employees to identify and systematically address “important” customers in a quicker way. First, video cameras installed at the store entrance capture the faces of customers coming in. The information is then forwarded to a data base of profiles that stores must in create… Read More

  • Sony's face detection feature for camcorders

    http://blip.tv/play/Aar4JQ Here’s a demo of the face detection feature that’s been so popular with digital camera manufacturers. This’ll be available or already is available on many of Sony’s new camcorders. One interesting part of it is called “bit allocation” wherein the camera sensor pushes more bits to the areas containing people’s faces and… Read More