Kargo unveils its new Fabrik publishing system

Digital advertising company Kargo is launching a new product and new business unit called Fabrik. Founder and CEO Harry Kargman explained that Fabrik is a content management system designed for publis

Hitatchi buys Fabrik web sharing service

Fabrik.com offers cloud storage for a number of hard drive manufacturers including a few we’ve reviewed in the past. They’ve just been bought by Hitachi who is adding the service as well a

Review: SimpleTech [re]Drive

John Biggs Contributor Share on X John Biggs is a writer, consultant, programmer, former East Coast Editor and current contributing writer for TechCrunch. He writes mainly about technology, cryptocurr

Fabrik Acquires G-Technology, Expect 2008 Revenues of $200+ million

Fabrik, a storage hardware and service provider, announced today that they’ve acquired G-Technology for an undisclosed amount. G Technology sells external drives that focus on high performance f

Fabrik makes backing up data fun, easy

Besides the launch of their portable SimpleTech mini USB drives, Fabrik also launched Fabrik Ultimate Backup at CES. If you’re like me then backing up can be a tedious pain the arse. I avoid it

ComVentures Merges With Velocity, Gets A Much Needed Fresh Start

Ross Levinsohn (former President of Fox Interactive) and Jonathan Miller (former Chairman and CEO of America Online) launched Velocity Investment Group earlier this year with the goal of acquiring and

FilmLoop Betrayed By Investors?

When I added FilmLoop to the TechCrunch DeadPool last month based on rumors of mass layoffs, it was clear there was more to the story. The thirty person company had raised $11.5 million in capital and

Fabrik Launches Myfabrik – Google Yawns, Has Sandwich

Oh boy. I hope you guys are excited on this bitterly cold Tuesday because in Silicon Valley, things are getting HOT! A service called Myfabrik is being released today after beta testing. It’s going

MyFabrik: File Sharing and More

MyFabrik, loosely related to Maxtor, is a new online data storing/sharing/organizing application that lets you manage files remotely with just a web browser. You can upload and download pictures, musi

Fabrik media storage opens limited beta accounts today

Fabrik, a Web 2.0 savvy multimedia storage service, is opening up its web application to a limited number of beta users today. I got a look around inside this system awhile ago and was impressed. Comp