• Ancient art of origami applied to complex fabrication techniques

    I think by now we’re all fairly familiar with Shapeways and their 3D printing system. Incidentally, you can now select glass for some 3D models at Shapeways, which is pretty cool. But the additive printing process employed by Shapeways and similar outfits (fabrication, rapid prototyping, etc) has some inherent limitations in the designs that can be printed. Researches at the University… Read More

  • New customized Christmas gifts available from Shapeways

    Shapeways are at it again, with an assortment of custom fabricated gifts available for Christmas. They ran a little contest recently, and the top three entrants are available for purchase now, including the cute “Punk Angel”, a snowflake ornament with custom message, and a snowflake candle holder. Each of these is under $30, so they’re sure to please without breaking the bank! Read More

  • The future of fabrication is here: Shapeways announces stainless steel printing

    Sure you’re not going to make a Hatori Hanzo sword – yet – but Shapeways, a 3D fabrication service, has just announced stainless steel printing, allowing you to make steel objects as easily as you would made resin or plastic prototypes. That’s right: something that took our ancient ancestors generations to perfect is now available to anyone with a CAD/CAM program and… Read More

  • Have a custom stylus fabricated! Monogrammed, Zelda-ed, whatever

    I know, there’s not a lot of room in the world for the stylus any more. Resistive touchscreens are on the way out, right? True, but tell that to the 766,500 Nintendo DSes sold last month. So there’s a bit of a market. Personally, I find the DS’s stock stylus a bit short — so a little extra length would be good, and I wouldn’t mind having my initials in… Read More

  • QR Codes: the next step in geek couture

    QR codes, or “Quick Response” codes, are a mechanism to codify data for quick recognition. They’ve been used in package tracking applications for some time, and apparently they’re hugely popular with mobile phone users in Japan. Snap a picture of a QR code with your phone’s camera, and your phone can then decode the info and do something useful — usually load… Read More

  • Shapeways creates first online market for 3D fabrication models

    You hear about 3D printing here and there, but for the most part it’s a bit irrelevant to the average person because fabrication is messy, difficult, and prohibitively expensive. Even dedicated DIYers have to get their stuff custom made. Hopefully that will all change with Shapeways, a new service which bills itself as a sort of Etsy for 3D models. Read More

  • IBM and AMD: "First to 22nm!" Intel: "Big whoop"

    Well! IBM and AMD are certainly proud of themselves today! They’ve been working on a 22nm SRAM cell, two generations ahead of the current 45nm process. The devices developed and manufactured by AMD, Freescale, IBM STMicroelectronics, Toshiba and the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) were built in a traditional six-transistor design on a 300 mm wafer and had a memory… Read More