• Hublot's Complicated F1 Tourbillon Chronograph Watch

    I am not always sure what Jean-Claude Biver is thinking. The machine-gun minded Swiss CEO covers so many bases when deciding what new Hublot watches are made that it can be almost impossible to predict what will come next. However, I do know one thing: Mr. Biver is watch lover. It might sound ironic, or silly, but when a watch lover runs a watch brand, it is a good thing. And trust me, not… Read More

  • After Most Exciting Season In History, Video Game Publishers Realize F1 License Is Worth A Lot Of Money

    Sebastian Vettel is your new Formula One champion. Who saw that coming? Conventional wisdom last weekend said that Red Bull made a mistake by not issuing so-called “team orders,” telling Vettel to make way for his Australian teammate, Mark Webber, in his quest to win the F1 driver’s championship. As it turned out, lady luck was on Vettel’s side (that, or Ferrari forgot… Read More

  • The F1Showcar simulator is kind of cool

    I don’t know how I feel about this $44,990 F1 simulator. Read More

  • Video: Lewis Hamilton controlling a Formula One car with a BB Storm

    No matter how you feel right now about the BlackBerry Storm, watch this video; it’s impressive as hell. Basically what first started as a geek side project of stuffing a Bluetooth receiver in a little RC car was recreated by Lewis Hamilton’s F1 team. Towards the end of the video too, the champ takes the Storm and sends the Formula One car racing away. Read More

  • Video: Video game effects meet F1 racing

    Every year there are new rules and regulation for Formula One racing and this video goes through some of the more cosmetic changes. Forget those but watch the video after the jump for a great, non-gearhead explanation of KERS. This system seems totally out of Burnout; seriously. Kinetic energy recovery systems recovers energy that would normally be wasted on braking and converts it into… Read More

  • Honda done with F1 Racing and reallocating funds to ECO car development

    There was a time when winning races on Sunday meant sales on Monday, but the general populous might have moved from that mentality as the race cars drifted farther from production models. Honda is the latest in a long line of car manufacturers to refocus into developing economic cars and withdrew from Formula One racing today – totally. Read More

  • Vogard Radiator F1

    Vogard makes world-time watches that change timezones with a flick of a switch on the side of the watch. This saves you from having to swap timezones manually. This new model is an homage to F1 racing — they have others for golfers and amateur pilots as well — and takes design cues from the radiator of an F1 racecar. It’s limited to 199 pieces and should be… very expensive. Read More

  • Portable TVs to be used at F1 races for real-time video

    I went to the Grand Prix in Monaco one year and heard the entire race. That’s about it, though, as the cars were moving too fast and my view was obstructed by annoyances like “other people” such that I couldn’t see much of anything. A device called Kangaroo TV is looking to remedy that type of problem. Here’s more… The gadget is about the size of handheld… Read More

  • F1 making an appearance in GT5

    Today is like therapy for me. First, I admit that the iPhone is sort of great and that I want one and now I’m admitting that I want a PS3. Yikes. Well, it certainly helps when Sony has the exclusive rights to Gran Turismo and GT5 is about to drop. Ugh. Leaving tradition behind in the dust, Polyphony Digital is including an F1 Ferrari car for you to purchase for 2 million credits. You can… Read More