• ezGear ezSpace UFO thingie is cool

    Wow: the first gadget I’m excited to see coming out of CES. ezGear just released this weird little UFO thingy that plugs into your wall and gives you six outlets with surge protection. This is only useful, obviously, if you have power supplies with cables but it’s still a clever design. No pricing but expect it Q2. Read More

  • BluCobra EZ3000 Blu-ray player should drop with a low price

    ezGear, never heard of ’em either, is introducing a cheap low-cost Blu-ray player at CES. The look of the BluCobra EZ3000 seems like your average Chinese-built player and the outdated specs confirms this as a bottom-feeder. Read More

  • ezGear Announces ezEars SX50

    Oh ezGear. We love your clever product names so much. Straight out of EZ-land come the new ezEars SX50 Headphones. These new earbud-style headphones come in either white or black and have three different ends so that they fit snugly in your ear canal for maximum performance. Plus, the price is pretty decent at only $19.98 a pair. Oh, and of course they’re designed with the iPod in mind… Read More

  • ezGear ezPlay Portable DVD Player With ezVision Is Very EZ

    A company like ezGear should lay off the EZ a bit but we’ll let it slide for now. Its new ezPlay Portable DVD Player is pretty decent looking. It’s shaped like an old-school Sony Discman and plays DVD, MP4, VCD, CD, and MP3 discs. What sets it apart from all other portable DVD players though is that you can hook it up to ezGear’s ezVision Video iWear system. The ezVision… Read More