• Investor Deadpools Jooce. Not Sure They're Aware.

    Funny how we receive tips sometimes. Yesterday we covered the latest Startup2Startup meetup, and a certain ChrisATSo33t commented on the story pointing to the latest quarterly report (PDF) of Luxembourg-based VC firm Mangrove Capital Partners in which they state that Paris-based portfolio company Jooce would be “closing its doors” during the month of February. We’ve now… Read More

  • Cloudo: The Pretty WebOS Formerly Known As Xindesk

    Cloudo is the new Xindesk and looks like shaping up to be a good looking WebOS, if and when it launches. Cloudo was previously part of Xindesk, a company that was promising a WebOS and Widget platform that we’ve mentioned in passing previously. The widget platform is now known as “Widget Plus” with the WebOS taking the Cloudo name. Cloudo offers standard fare in terms of a… Read More

  • Can eyeOS Succeed Where Desktop.com Failed?

    The founders of Barcelona-based eyeOS hope that they’ve found the right model to create a much anticipated new market – the web operating system. Like desktop.com, the failed high flyer from web 1.0, eyeOS is a browser based “desktop” that gives users access to a variety of applications (word processor, chat, calendar, etc.). The free, open source project is set to… Read More