• Eyealike Sets Its Image Recognition Technology On A New Target: Advertising

    Eyealike, the startup that lets you use photo recognition to help find your ideal mate, is expanding to apply its image processing technology to a new market: advertising. The company says that the new system will allow businesses to place highly targeted advertising alongside photographs that appear on their site (which have long been difficult to monetize). For now the image recognition… Read More

  • Eyealike Updates Image Recognition Software To Help You Find The Perfect Mate

    Eyealike, a video and image recognition company, has released an update to its ‘Eyealike Faces’ product that makes it easier for users to find their ideal match on dating sites. Eyealike Faces uses image matching technology to compare faces across databases consisting of millions of photos – the idea being that you can upload a photo of your ideal mate and get a listing of… Read More

  • DEMO 2008 Companies Roundup

    With the DEMO 2008 conference kicking off today, a bunch of tech companies are making announcements. Here are some of the highlights: BitGravity
    Content delivery network BitGravity is launching its streaming video offering, BG LiveBroadcast. The company aims to make streaming video online as instantaneous and high-quality as streaming video on TV, while adding an extra layer of interactivity… Read More