• Wireless Memory Card Maker Eye-Fi Raises $20M Series D Led By NTT DOCOMO

    Wireless Memory Card Maker Eye-Fi Raises $20M Series D Led By NTT DOCOMO

    Eye-Fi, the maker of those nifty, wireless memory cards that automatically sync digital camera photos to your devices, as well as to cloud services like Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and YouTube, is today announcing it has raised $20 million in Series D funding. The round was led by NTT DOCOMO, the largest mobile operator in Japan, something which hints at the company’s plans towards… Read More

  • Eye-Fi "Direct Mode" Upgrade Sends Photos Directly To Your iOS or Android Device

    This is a pretty solid feature, I have to say, and maybe the one that makes me an Eye-Fi convert. We’ve seen some iOS camera tethering options, and of course the Eye-Fi is already pretty useful for when you have your laptop around, but this super easy send-to-device feature could be really compelling to the average non-tech-savvy user. We heard about it back at CES, but it’s… Read More

  • In The Era Of The Connected Camera, The Point & Shoot Commits Seppuku

    In The Era Of The Connected Camera, The Point & Shoot Commits Seppuku

    The big brand camera companies are committing seppuku in front of our eyes. It’s fascinating. Last week, I bought a brand new Canon S95 camera. It’s a great point & shoot. Maybe the best out there right now. It captures beautiful 10-megapixel images. It’s great in low-light. It’s fast. And it shoots HD video. I anticipate I’ll take about 5 percent of my… Read More

  • Eye-Fi View Holds Your Full-Resolution Photos For a Week So You Can Decide Where They Go

    If there was one problem with the otherwise excellent Eye-Fi card it’s that images stored to the card had the nasty habit of appearing on public Flickr accounts without their owners knowledge – images that usually involved the owner in a compromising position with a close, naked friend or a barnyard mammal. Sure you can control where the Eye-Fi sends stuff but not many people… Read More

  • Forget The Mayor, Gowalla Focuses On Serendipitous Deals For All

    We’ve all heard about mayor deals with Foursquare. That is, a person who is the “mayor ” of a venue (essentially, has checked-in there the most number of times) gets access to special deals, such free items or discounts. Gowalla goes about its deals a bit differently. Because there are no “mayors” in Gowalla, instead, they’re focusing on giving everyone an… Read More

  • Eye-Fi releases bigger, stronger WiFi cards: Connect, Explore, and Pro X2 line

    While the Eye-Fi Pro X2 – an 8GB Eye-Fi card with RAW support and ad hoc mode – is already available, the company just released two new additions to the X2 line, the Explore and the Connect. The Explore includes automatic geotagging for images and videos. Here are the specifics: Eye-Fi Connect X2 – At 4GB capacity, the Eye-Fi Connect X2 will automatically upload JPEG photos… Read More

  • Eye-Fi goes FTP

    The Eye-Fi card is famous for being a cool, fun way to upload, inadvertently, images of you and your friends naked or on the toilet. Now, however, you can upload those naked photos to your local FTP/FTPS server. This service allows you to bypass standard photo-sharing sites like Flickr and dump your stuff up unfettered by the limitations placed upon us by photo sites. Read More

  • Eye-Fi and Apple, sittin' in a tree, u-p-l-o-a-d-ing

    I took some photos yesterday afternoon, and didn’t get around to trying to move them from the camera to my laptop until later in the evening. What should have been a simple process — connect cable to camera, connect cable to laptop, import photos — was stymied by my complete inability to find the cable I needed! It’s not like I use a USB A-to-Mini-B cable every day. If… Read More

  • Review: Eye-Fi Pro 4GB wireless SD memory card

    What can be said about the latest Eye-Fi SD card that hasn’t been said about every other iteration? The Pro is just that, a Pro. With support for RAW files, Ad Hoc network support and Selective Transfer, the Eye-Fi Pro is perfection. Read More

  • Eye-Fi announces the Eye-Fi Pro (Ad Hoc support!) and Selective Transfer

    I think I speak for every camera nerd out there when I say, Hallelujah!!! It’s about damn time Eye-Fi released an Ad Hoc enabled SDHC card. Live blogging will now be 100x easier. The 4GB Eye-Fi Pro now supports RAW files on top of pre-existing support for JPEG and video files. Geotagging and Hotspot access are available on the Pro model as well. The Eye-Fi Pro is available now on Amazon… Read More

  • Eye Fi ups storage, enables video uploading

    My favorite little at-home gadget is getting a shake up today. Eye-Fi’s Wi-Fi SD cards not only upload images, but now video to YouTube and Flickr. The Share Video and Explore Video cards are now 4GB standard and the existing line of 2GB Eye Fi cards received a price drop. Read More

  • Sony Cyber-shot DSC-G3 has built-in Wi-Fi, 3 years of free AT&T hotspot access

    Sony’s DSC-G3 point-and-shoot digital camera not only has built-in Wi-Fi, but it also has its own Web browser. Guess that makes uploading your photos to the Internet a little easier. Read More

  • Eye-Fi to feature HD video uploads to Youtube at CES

    Good news, YouTube freaks. Eye-Fi is going to demo the all new video-upload-to-youtube feature at CES. According to the Video End-User Research: 2008, you guys use your camera to shoot videos quite often. It’s the same as before, just with video and in HD. Read More

  • Evernote now works with Eye-Fi cards (and it's about time)

    Evernote is a service that lets you send photos and select text and images then upload them to a central location. Then you’re free to search the items—photos of business cards, for example—in order to “remember” them. Now, couple Evernote with an Eye-Fi card and then you may have something. The new partnership between Evernote and Eye-Fi started yesterday… Read More

  • Review: Lexar Shoot-n-Sync Wi-Fi memory card

    By now most of you have heard of the Eye-Fi Wi-Fi SD memory card and what it’s capable of, right? Okay, good. Earlier this year, January to be exact, Lexar announced that they had teamed up with Eye-Fi to bring a Lexar branded SD card with Eye-Fi technology by year’s end. Well, the time has come — Lexar’s Shoot-n-Sync card is finally here and I’ve been testing it… Read More

  • Eye-Fi wireless SD card gets bumped up to 4GB

    Everyone’s favorite wireless memory card is now available with four gigabytes of storage. The Eye-Fi Anniversary Edition has just been announced to commemorate one year of wireless photo slinging from the Mountain View, California-based company. The card is selling with an MSRP of $129.99 but Costco members can get it for $99 on Costco.com – not too bad for a 4GB SDHC card with… Read More

  • CF-to-SD adapter allows Eye-Fi in your CF-based camera

    Eye-Fi cards are great, but if you’re rocking a CompactFlash setup like me, you’re kind of out of luck. And then a simple thing like this adapter comes to your attention and whole realms of possibility are opened to you. $28? Hell yes, I’m getting one of these things. Read More

  • Eye-Fi Manager update integrates the awesomeness that is Twitter

    The other week Eye-Fi announced that upload speeds were improved for their SD cards and today we’ve learned that they now support Twitter and RSS feeds. If you haven’t already updated then you should fire up your Eye-Fi Manager ASAP. One can assume this applies to the Lexar mashup, Shoot-N-Sync. These little buggers just keep getting better and better. Read More

  • Eye-Fi cards now magically will go twice as fast

    The famous Eye-Fi card, which beams your photos wirelessly from your camera to your computer or what have you, is getting an upgrade. Starting October 5 (If I’m reading this correctly), Eye-Fi cards will now upload at twice the speeds they used to. Am I missing something here? Quote: Eye-Fi Inc., makers of the world’s first wireless memory card for digital cameras, today… Read More