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  • Back To School 2010: Storing Your Data

    Nowadays, going from home to college doesn’t always mean a huge upgrade in connection speed (as it did for me), but you’re still going to find yourself downloading, trading, and storing stuff more than ever. But there are also more opportunities for streaming and storing things online. What are your best options for managing all that data? Read More

  • Review: G-DRIVE Mini [UPDATE]

    The G-Drive Mini has a lot to offer for people who need FW and USB connectivity. There was some confusion about the retail price of this unit. You can get the HDD for $89 and that’s in the league of all the other drives out there. What else can the Mini offer? Click to read my review. Read More

  • Hands-on with the Hitachi Life Studio Mobile Plus

    The Hitachi Life Studio is supposed to be the next generation of portable drives. Aside from the odd addition of a magnetic flash drive to the front of the case, this clever little drive includes media management software from Cooliris that essentially offers an “easier” way of browsing all the media on your computer. The drive also includes Hitachi’s own back-up software… Read More

  • National Geographic reprints every issue to an external drive

    Over the past 120 years, National Geographic Magazine has been one of the most important publications ever printed. From the insightful articles to the brilliant photography, NatGeo has been the benchmark that other magazines compare themselves to. Now, you can own a copy of every single issue without having to build a new addition to your house to store it. Read More

  • G-DRIVE external SSD for the mac addict

    There’s SSD and there are external hard drives. Why not make an external SSD? So G-Technology released a set of external SSD today. Apparently these drives are for professionals who need fast and reliable storage that looks like a small communist era gas convector. Only they wont keep you warm and cost you a lot more money. Read More

  • Iomega Announces Mac Drives At Apple Expo

    Iomega unveiled a plethora of external hard drives at Apple Expo including a 1.5TB drive. Said drive resembles the MacPro. The UltraMax Pro sports two SATA-II drives with RAID 0, I or JBOD configurations and a handful of interfaces (two FireWire 800, one FireWire 400 and one USB 2.0). You also have the option of picking up an e-SATA version with a USB interface. Each drive is $600. Read More