• eXpresso Upgrades Collaborative Excel Application

    eXpresso, an online collaboration tool around Excel spreadsheets, has upgraded its application to offer support for all versions of Microsoft Excel and for additional features. Users of Excel 2003, Excel 2007 and other versions will be able to access all features and tools that are normally used within in their Excel applications, as well as custom macros, styles, and formatting via… Read More

  • eXpresso Gets $2 Million To Grow An Online Office Suite

    eXpresso is an online collaboration tool around Excel spreadsheets. While a bit late to the game, they have plans to expand to other productivity tools as well. They will be announcing a new $2 million round of financing from Novus and Rocket Ventures on Monday, with the target of raising another $2 million soon. This is on top another couple million they’ve made off the sale of… Read More

  • Expresso S2 Exercise Bike Hands On

    When you walk into a gym, you see the same gear you saw 10 years ago, with little or no innovation. Sure, some equipment now features music or some kind of TV but there is little that would really make the sedentary crew of CrunchGear want to leave their comfy chairs. Until now: Expresso Fitness has released an innovative virtual reality-enhanced fitness bike, the S2. The fitness bike features… Read More