Expressionist BASS

  • Moondance GLOW iPod dock from Altec Lansing

    Maybe because its been a long week, or maybe because this really is cool, but either way the Moondance GLOW sounds awesome. The iPod docking station for the bedroom not only does all your standard alarm-clocking, iPod-playing and remote controller-ing, it also glows. Glowing music and a big ol’ pillow sounds pretty sweet right now. Read More

  • Altec Lansing Expressionist BASS desktop 2.2 speakers

    Huh? 2.2? Yup. Each of those ominous-looking speakers has a 4” subwoofer pointing straight down. Standing at 10” high, the Altec Lansing Expressionist BASS (FX3022) system is designed to be used on a tabletop, which would then radiate sound. The inclusion of the subwoofer into the normal form factor eliminates the need for a third bass-amplifying component. Each speaker also houses… Read More