Happy Sunday! The BP spill could trigger a methane explosion, mass extinction

This is a totes magotes bummer: according to theories posited by the author of this piece, Terrance Aym, and backed up by data from geo-chemists like Northwestern University’s Gregory Ryskin, th

Video: Wind turbine self destructs

Holy crap this is awesome. A couple wind turbines have self destructed in recent weeks and Denmark’s climate minister wants some answers. Other turbines have had the same fate abroad and chances

Explosion In Mojave Desert Kills Two, Injures Four

Sad news today as an explosion in the Mojave desert has claimed two lives and injured four others at the site of Richard Branson’s SpaceShipOne project. Engineers there were testing a spaceship

Disaster On the Homefront: Macbook Pro Battery Explosion

So sitting in the offices today at Next New Networks, we were alerted to a tragedy of epic proportion. As he was charging his battery earlier company founder and creative director, Fred Seibert experi