• ispace just raised $90 million to launch two private moon missions by 2020

    ispace just raised $90 million to launch two private moon missions by 2020

    Japanese company ispace has raised $90.2 million in a Series A funding round, an amount it’s calling the “largest ever” Series A in commercial space financing. The funding comes from Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, Development Bank of Japan, Tokyo Broadcasting System, Konika Minolta and others, and will help the company continue its progress towards a very… Read More

  • Japan Seems Ready To Invest $2.3 Billion To Send Robots To The Moon

    We reported about the plans last year and again just a few months ago, and now they are getting more concrete: Japan seems to be finally ready to send robots to explore the moon. An advisory panel launched by the Japanese government has spent one year preparing a report that proposes a lunar exploration program that will cost no less than $2.3 billion. Read More

  • Bari Bari: New exploration and rescue robot (video)

    Japan is prone to large-scale earthquakes, so the fact that researchers in this country are constantly working on the development of highly specialized rescue robots. And the so-called Bari Bari IV is a particularly clever model, as it can help people who are in danger, for example after a building has been destroyed, by being more cautious than other robots. It’s one of the robots… Read More

  • Mars Rover Mars Rover, it's over it's over

    It’s times like this I wish we really did just have the rovers on a sound stage or somewhere in the desert. Unfortunately, we really did fire a freaking rocket, loaded with robots, into space, which rendezvoused with another planet, then disgorged said robots for a perfect landing, after which time the robots ran perfectly well for four years now, advancing our knowledge of the red… Read More

  • The march of the RoBeasts continues: Technics Robot Crab

    I’ve just downloaded an inexplicably large video (120mb for 30 seconds? It’s called YouTube, guys) of this crab doing its thing. It’s certainly not as cool as the BigDog robot from yesterday, but it’s also not a multi-million-dollar DARPA-funded military all-terrain bioroid. It’s for scrambling around on sea floors and taking samples or pictures. Like the… Read More