• Why Products Suck (And How To Make Them Suck Less)

    Why Products Suck (And How To Make Them Suck Less)

    Now, you might think that making a product that isn’t terrible should be so obvious to every company on the planet as to almost be nonsensical. Indeed, who would ever advocate building a product that sucks? But the fact is: many products do suck. How can something so obviously important and universally recognized by so infrequently accomplished? It’s a surprisingly complex question. Read More

  • Expensify Leaves Beta, Continues To Take The Suck Out Of Expense Reports

    Expensify, the startups that’s looking to take the endless headaches out of expense reports, is ready to get down to business. The site has just launched its 1.0 release, which introduces a revenue stream, as well as a totally revamped UI and new features designed to suit the needs of its users. A lot has changed for Expensify since we last covered it. For one, the company has… Read More

  • Expensify's Free Expense Report System Takes The Hassle Out of Reimbursements

    Expensify, the startup that took second place at TC50’s demo pit last year, has launched the public beta version of its business expense tracking and reimbursement system. Expensify has created a bigger and better version of its system, which we reviewed last fall. Expensify still offers the “electronic payment card,” which is essentially an Expensify-branded MasterCard that… Read More

  • Expensify: The Corporate Card For The Rest Of Us

    Business expense accounts may sound glamorous, but for most frequent travelers they’re more of a hassle than anything. Sure, there’s always the novelty of being able to go out to to dinner on the company’s dime, but this wears thin after a few days of stuffing your wallet full of receipts. Expensify, the startup that took second place at TC50’s DemoPit, is hoping… Read More