Baseten nabs $20M to make it easier to build machine learning-based applications

As the tech world inches a closer to the idea of artificial general intelligence, we’re seeing another interesting theme emerging in the ongoing democratization of AI: a wave of startups buildin

YC-backed Cleanly merges with NextCleaners to vertically integrate

Cleanly, the YC-backed company that looked to bring tech to the laundry industry, has today announced a merger with NextCleaners. The New York-based companies signed an all-stock deal after more than

Not every service needs to be an on-demand service

Handybook Hoovers Up Exec For “Under $10M” To Sweep The Home Services Market

Justin Kan launched Exec in early 2012 as an on-demand errand service for businesses, but over time, morphed into a cleaning service to focus on its most popular offering. Unable to scale “Erran

Exec Drops Prices For Its Home Cleaning Service By 25 Percent

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.iamexec.com">Exec</a> says that it's dropping prices for its home cleaning service in all nine markets by 25 percent. Founder and CEO Justin Kan told me that cus

R.I.P. Lazy Times: Exec Shuts Down Errand Service But Keeps Cleaning

You're going to have to do that chore yourself, because the venture capitalist won't pay for it anymore. Exec couldn't find a way to scale its "Errands" on-demand personal assistant service beyond San

On-Demand Helper Startup Wunwun Launches Branded Delivery Services For Businesses

On-demand helper startup <a target="_blank" href="http://wunwun.com/">WunWun</a> has for the past few months offered consumers the ability to get pretty much anything delivered for a flat rate. Now, t

Exec CEO Justin Kan Talks Competition, Cleaning, And Future Plans

Hot on the heels of Exec’s Cleaning Service launch in NYC, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to get CEO and co-founder Justin Kan in the studio for a quick chat. We also couldn’t re

Exec Expands Its House-Cleaning Service To New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago And Boston

Starting a service that lets people request real-life humans to do tasks for them or clean up their apartment is no small feat. Exec’s founder and CEO, Justin Kan, set out to build a service tha

Exec Launches A Cleaning-Only App, Expands to Seattle As Housework Makes Up 50% Of Sales

Exec — the Y Combinator-backed app that does your errands on-demand — just launched a cleaning-only app. It’s a decision that makes sense as housework has ended up being about 50 per

The World’s Most Depressing Tech Infographic Says You’re Dead In 9 Years

Thanks Exec, for reminding us that we spend most of our days in a hamster wheel. The point of its new <a target="_blank" href="http://iamexec.com/blog/countdown-of-life-how-much-time-do-you-have-left-

Want To Pitch A VC While He Cleans Your House? Exec And Shervin Pishevar Thought So

<a target="_blank" href="https://iamexec.com/home">Exec</a>, which is a service focused on San Francisco professionals, does all types of tasks for you at pretty decent rates. I've used the service to

Underwear On Your Floor? YC’s Exec Has A House Cleaning Service For That

Here's to iteration. When Justin Kan first launched <a target="_blank" href="https://iamexec.com/">Exec</a>, a service for getting errands done on demand, I was one of the first beta testers. We had a

Errand Outsourcing Startup Exec Tests Out A Faster, More Expensive Cleaning Service

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.iamexec.com">Exec</a>, the <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2012/05/31/exec-the-mobile-app-for-errands-adds-messaging-oh-and-sam-altman-led-their-round/">Uber-meets-

Exec, The Mobile App For Errands, Adds Messaging (Oh, And Sam Altman Led Their Round)

<a href="http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/exec/id493905230?mt=8">Exec</a>, <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2012/02/29/exec-justin-tv/">which is kind of like Uber-meets-Taskrabbit</a>, is overhauling its

Exec, The YC-Backed Mobile App For Instantly Doing Your Errands, Raises $3.3M

Exec, a mobile app that instantly gets people to do your errands, has raised $3.3 million, <a href="http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1550864/000155086412000002/xslFormDX01/primary_doc.xml">accor

Want To Rent A Founder? Justin Kan’s Exec Is Making That Happen (For Charity)

Justin Kan is a busy guy. The serial entrepreneur is best known as the founder of <a href="http://www.justin.tv/">Justin.tv</a>, the online community that lets users broadcast, watch, and interact aro

Justin Kan’s Exec Starts Running Errands For Companies And Startups Today

You're paying your developer $150,000 a year plus change. Why let them get distracted by dry cleaning or grocery shopping? While the very biggest companies like Google and Facebook have figured out