• Battle of the Bands: Guitar Hero and Rock Band fight it out

    If there’s one real guitar hero out there that shouldn’t be confined to one system it should be Jimi Hendrix. Like him, love him, hate him or whatever, Hendrix captured the imagination of what being a guitar player could mean. He’s an icon for a reason. However other big name acts (and estates) are battling it out in a different kind of battle of the bands. Guitar Hero… Read More

  • Exclusive first look: Snake-Eyes from the forthcoming G.I. Joe movie!

    [photopress:joemovsnake_eyes.jpg,full,center] I’ve been dreading this movie since I first heard of it, but something about this leaked image of Snake-Eyes makes me think it’ll be alright. I mean, look at him. That’s Snake-Eyes. When I got this in my inbox, I knew who it was before I read the email. This is Snake-Eyes. This is awesome, please don’t let them muck it… Read More

  • Breaking: Garmin goes feet-first into cellphone business with flagship Nuviphone

    [photopress:Garmin_Nuvi_phone.jpg,full,center] Our NYC writers are at a mystery event sponsored by Garmin, and they’ve sent me something hot. Garmin’s getting into the mobile phone business, and they’re getting in hard. What you see above is the first image of the new Garmin Nuviphone, a touchscreen, 3.5G, GSM phone that’s packed — packed — with features… Read More