• Sunrise Adds Exchange Support To Its Calendar App

    Sunrise Adds Exchange Support To Its Calendar App

    New York-based startup Sunrise just added Microsoft Exchange calendar support to its iPhone and iPad app. Exchange support was the last missing major calendar integration — the app already works with Google Calendar and Apple’s iCloud calendar. For now, the company uses Apple’s Exchange API. This way it doesn’t have to store user passwords. Many potential users… Read More

  • Ruxum: Wall Street Level Security Comes To Bitcoin With New Exchange

    Ruxum: Wall Street Level Security Comes To Bitcoin With New Exchange

    You’ve probably by now heard about Bitcoin, the peer-to-peer digital currency based on Satoshi Nakamoto’s infamous self-published essay, that is either a giant scam, a genius and innovative new frontier, or nothing new — depending on whom you ask. For those unfamiliar, TechCrunch contributor Jon Evans best described it succinctly thus: “Bitcoin is an anonymous… Read More

  • SoundCloud Passes 4 Million Users, Partners With To Give Bands A Killer Promotional Tool

    By now, you may have run across a SoundCloud audio track somewhere out there in the wild, wooly Interwebs — perhaps during one of your mad, late-night music searches. In which case, you’re familiar with the tell-tale signs: The scrolling orange cursor, the messages tagged mid-song, and that distinctive social waveform layout. For those who have no idea what I’m talking… Read More

  • iPhone 3G facing resistance in IT circles

    For all of Apple’s huffing and puffing (wow I use that phrase a lot), there still seems to be some resistance to incorporating the iPhone 3G into corporate and enterprise environments. And it looks like iTunes may have something to do with it. Read More

  • Nokia E71, E66 on the real: Exchange, Gmail support and front-facing camera

    One week after “some other phone” was finally revealed, Nokia today took the wraps off two phones that had been clogging the rumor mill for quite some time. Yes, the S60-based E71 and E66 are now officially real, and are officially for middle management types. Two words: Microsoft Exchange. Put those MBAs to good use! The E71, above, is available in both black and white, like… Read More

  • A note on the rumored Blackjack recall

    Attention, Blackjack owners: If your favorite smartphone (the Blackjack, natch) has been experiencing odd dropped calls for no apparent reason, and you’ve been cursing up a storm to AT&T, your anger may be misguided. According to the nice people at Samsung, a few Blackjacks made from November 2006 to February 2007 might have a manufacturing glitch that hangs up when you don’t… Read More

  • Goodness Gracious, Another Palm Treo 755p Review: CNET Calls it "Very Good"

    The Palm Treo 755p “drops” this week and CNET already reviewed the damn thing (a nice complement to this video review), giving it the reviewer’s crutch of “very good,” which translates to a 7.3. Truth be told, nothing really stands out about the Sprint smartphone, which is set to replace the now ancient 700p, nor is it a “major overhaul” of the… Read More

  • Palm OS-Based Treos Finally Get Direct Push Support for Exchange

    If any of you are business users on the fence about a Palm OS-based smartphone (read: Treo) vs. a Blackberry because of Palm’s lack of push-email support can finally make the jump. Palm today has announced an upgrade for the 700p and 680 models of the popular Treo that grant it push email syncing capabilities with Microsoft Exchange. The lack of the feature has led many away from the Palm… Read More