Visual Mobile App Builder Tiggzi Relaunches As Appery.io, Adds New Enterprise Features

Exadel’s Tiggzi online mobile app development service for iOS, Android and Windows Phone launched almost exactly a year ago and today, the company is officially rebranding it as Appery.io. The r

Cross-Platform Drag-And-Drop App Maker Tiggzi Launches Windows 8 Support

Tiggzi, a DIY mobile app maker, just announced that it has added support for Windows 8 to its cross-platform drag-and-drop development suite. The services, which already offered support for Windows Ph

Drag-And-Drop Mobile App Builder Tiggzi Makes Building Native And Web Apps Easier, Adds SMS and mHealth Plugins

We first wrote about <a target="_blank" href="//www.tiggzi.com">Tiggzi</a>, a DIY mobile app maker that gives you far more flexibility than most of its competitors, when it launched its public beta a

Tiggzi’s Drag-And-Drop Mobile App Builder Goes Beyond Templates

There are plenty of services out there that will let you build simple mobile apps without the need to know how to program. The problem with most of these is that you quickly reach their limits once yo